Windows 11 New OS Beginners Reference Guide by Eddie E. Erhart

The Complete Manual to Mastering Windows 11 with Tips and Features

Windows for you

Windows 11 new os beginners reference guide

Your guide to operating your Windows 11 like a PRO!

With the latest iteration in the long list of Microsoft operating systems comes the Windows 11, which is undoubtedly the complete package of everything you ever wanted in a PC operating system. With this fantastic software now out in the market, it is no surprise that you will want to get your hand on a copy and master it within the shortest time possible.
Windows 11 New OS Beginners Reference Guide provides you with invaluable information backed with well-detailed explanations, all aimed at making sure that you hit the ground running. Conversationally, Tech enthusiast Eddie S. Erhart takes you on a guided tour around the new Windows 11 interface, under the hood, and everything else you need to know to maximize your productivity and game times with the new OS.

The journey you have embarked upon begins with an introduction to the features that make Windows 11 unique, and then we delve into the engine room of what makes the new operating system tick. Along this trip, you will be introduced to the following;

New features of Windows 11
Downloading and installing Windows 11
How to navigate around Windows 11
Locating your files
Setting up multiple accounts
Customizing widgets
Customizing themes and fonts
Making use of Microsoft Teams
Connecting to a WiFi network
Improving the productivity of the File Explorer
Creating partitions on Windows 11
Activating privacy settings
The synergy between Windows 11 and Android OS
And so much more!

Grab a copy now and immerse yourself in the intuitive and beautiful world of Windows 11.

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How to enter BIOS in Windows 11

When you have access to your Windows, BIOS can offer you lots of benefits. Check the temperature of the CPU, then adjust the fan speed and boot the order of the personal computer. You can enter the BIOS through Windows or booting.

The best technique to enter the BIOS screen is after your Personal computer has booted. This approach is beneficial because you don’t have to interact with the operating system. So if your personal computer doesn’t boot the operating system is having some level issues, you can choose to use this technique.

There are no universal instructions to follow to boot your BIOS. There are different key combinations you can use. If you use an HP computer, you can follow the instructions below.

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