Exciting STEAM Activities around the Home for Kids by Carley R. Lester

Awesome 40 Science Experiments for Kids and the Whole Family

Have fun science experiments with your kids!

Exciting steam activities around the home for kids

This book is the go-to collection of STEAM activities to enjoy with your kids while bringing them into the world of innovation and inventions.


The activities make use of everyday materials that are found in the home, thus making it an easy process for busy parents to teach their kids the basics of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math while at the same time having loads of fun.


Within the pages of this excellent book, Carley R. Lester brings the whole family together into the immersive world of experiments showing your children how things work in with the most straightforward explanations. Every activity is fully explained, from the materials to the process involved and why things happen the way they do. As a parent, you will also refresh your knowledge base about these easy experiments.  


Explore fun science activities for your kids such as;


- Constructing an Atom Model

- Tie-Dye Fancy Colors Milk Design

- Constructing a compass

- Building an erupting mentos geyser

- Cooking a hard rock candy

- Investigating shapes and colors

- Constructing a paper bridge

- Playing with shadows

- Building a hovercraft

- Making a magnet

- And so much more!

Exciting Home STEAM Activities for Kids is a must get for every parent out there to keep your kids busy and learning invaluable science basics at the same time.


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Genre: EDUCATION / Experimental Methods

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Education

Language: English

Keywords: science for middle schoolers, chemistry for kids 9-12, physics for kids 8-12, biology experiments for kids, steam activities for the family, engineering for kids 8-12, outdoor activities for kids ages 4-8

Word Count: 13,250

Sample text:

Science generally defined as knowledge or system of knowledge based on widely accepted, general truths or operation of general laws primarily as obtained and tested through scientific methods.  Science has made life more comfortable, fun, and more convenient.  It saves time, increases efficiency and precision of carrying out a task in the shortest possible time. It is a crucial element in socio-economic development.

Science proceeds in fits and starts of ignorance taking on the life a scientist requires absolute belief in things not certain, deriving pleasure in the unknown, and building a habit of second guessing. Science is a way of thinking much more than a body of knowledge.

Kids are unusually fascinated and excited at the prospect of learning new things. It gives them great joy and a sense of amazement to accomplish seemingly mundane tasks.  So, it is safe to say that science is their niche.  We have done a great job of making science seem so serious and reached a foregone conclusion that science is only for the mature intellectuals.

Children open their minds to vast possibilities and do not hold back, trying to think of the pros and cons of a process; they have nothing to lose. The glory of science is to imagine more than we can prove. Kids have a colorful mind; they question everything and anything. Nothing is out of bounds to talk and ask questions about. A scientist not only asks the correct questions but rather is one who provides answers and solutions to problems

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