An Introduction to Green Witch Magic by Lucille T. Fryar

Guide to the Supernatural Powers of the Mystical Secrets of your Garden

Magical Greens!

An introduction to green witch magic

Demystify the hidden powers of ancient magic with this simple guide to green witchcraft.

Practicing and experiencing the supernatural with green magic is what any witch can infuse into their everyday life. This easy and well-written guide gently eases you into the world of the green witch that is all around us and, at the same time, explains old practices into easily understood forms to help you grasp and practice the basic concepts of this form of magic.

As a green witch, you should be open to letting the power of nature flow through you; pull and harness the powers of herbs, flowers, and stones for spells. In this guide, you will learn simple methods for cultivating your magic plants and types of plants and how to bring out the magic in them to elevate your practice.
With the invaluable tips on successfully using magical ingredients, you will go several steps ahead in taking charge of your practice and forge a deeper bond with nature.
Go on this amazing journey with Lucille T. Fryar as you create something magical to last for all time!

The most ubiquitous of spices and herbs in your garden or your kitchen is packed full of powers beyond your wildest imagination that can only be unlocked by those who are endowed with the knowledge of how to go about it.

In this “jet age,” it takes commitment to take a deep dive into discovering the immense power that nature holds. Do you yearn to become an initiate; this guide will open up the world of timeless green magic to you.

This book is unique in that;

It provides a form of guidance that is not readily available in transforming the powers of the green from the outside into your personal space within your home.
Study and practice simple and potent green magic spells, potions, and rituals that make one grounded in this ageless form of magic.
Availability of an experienced hand on how to be responsible and respect the powers of nature and all that’s within it in the practice of green magic.

This green manual will also guide you on;

Understanding the fundamentals of the earth’s seasonal cycles and the right ways to include it in your green magic.
Understanding and knowing how to use everyday herbs and plants around your home into magic.
Simple transformation methods of plants into forms such as balms, bath salts, perfumes, and essential oils.

Begin your practice of green magic with a focus on the energy flow of the world around us with this must-have book.

Genre: GARDENING / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Magic of herbs crystals and plants, Plant spells for beginners, Setting up a magical space with spells and rituals, Magical essential oil spells for witches, How to perform magic at home for new witches, The beginner green witch garden, Herbal magical brews and teas

Word Count: 17,375

Sample text:

What is Green Witchcraft

Green Witchcraft is simply the field of witchcraft whose practices are rooted in nature. One of the essential requirements for green witchcraft is harmony with the Earth and her gifts. Without this balance, green magic practice is not possible. Practically, the world is filled with a bounty that can be used for magic. The plants alone number in their thousands, and then there are still the stones and crystals. There is a popular misconception that practicing green witchcraft is somewhat limiting because it does not include some spells and rituals believed in making one more powerful. Still, when you understand that nature is the embodiment of an ancient and powerful divinity, you will see that you can access all the energy you need if only you know how to draw it out.

A Brief History of Green Witchcraft 

Green Witchcraft has existed for as long as witchcraft and magic have, and it has persevered and evolved, even as other practices have been left behind and died out. The belief in the energy from nature is a universal concept that cannot be correctly ascribed to a particular community or period. However, certain prominent characters associated with green magic can be pinpointed along the timeline of history.

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