Homemade Medical Face Masks Guide Book by Valerie D. Hering

A Simple Step-by-Step Manual on Making Different Types of Face Masks with Illustrations

Make your medical masks today

Homemade medical face masks guide book

There is a need for everyone to protect themselves, loved ones, and the community at large through responsible personal protective practices. The use of a face mask is one of the significant ways through which this aim can be achieved. However, due to the viral pandemic leaving a considerable death toll across the globe, there is a current scarcity of this vital material due to the rush and reduced production, which has led to the need for homemade personal output of medical masks.

Taking that major step of producing face masks to protect humanity from bacteria and germs is not a mission impossible as you can safely put together masks in a few minutes.
This book will offer you valuable guides on how to make simple masks at home with easy to understand instructions and detailed illustrations. You will also learn about major airborne viral outbreaks, how to prevent from becoming infected, the proper use of face masks and respirators, etc.

Surgical masks offer an avenue through which the possibility of getting infected by bacterial contamination, viral transmission, and other modes or airborne diseases is reduced. It is to be noted that the use of homemade face masks does not protect you against viral respiratory infections; it can only cut down on the risks of contracting it.
Within the pages of this book, you will learn about;

•What respirators and surgical masks are
•How to make proper use of N95 respirators
•Why and when surgical masks need to be used
•Guidelines on the extended use and reuse of respirators and face masks
•Five different face masks patterns
•Advantages of using face masks
•The proper way of putting on and taking off a face mask
•Materials needed to make face masks at home
•The various types of airborne diseases and how to protect yourself from infection
And so much more!
Get a copy now and protect yourself and loved ones today.

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A mask is a piece of clothing used to conceal part of the face or the whole face, usually to alter or disguise the appearance of an individual. Different cultures over the millennia have made use of face masks as symbols of traditional functions and for other tasks that identify that particular group of people.

The medical, surgical mask or respirators differs from other forms of masks as it is not a fashion accessory or cultural piece of clothing, it is worn by medical personnel, folks working in environments filled with toxic materials and more recently by a large number of the general populace to prevent the spread of infectious viruses. The face masks act as a barrier catching aerosols and droplets of pathogens expelled during coughing or sneezing from the nose or mouth of the individual wearing the mask. Medical face masks are produced from a non-woven piece of clothes through a melt blowing procedure. These types of masks became popular and widely used in the middle of the last century as they became the go-to choice over the then conventional cloth face masks.


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