The Simple Woodcarving Book for Beginners by Clayton M. Rines

Simple Techniques for Relief Carving, Easy Step-by-Step Beginner Friendly Projects and Patterns

Carving out beautiful dreams

The simple woodcarving book for beginners

Getting started with woodcarving or any other form of art can be a bit daunting. You are at a loss on the type of equipment and tools to purchase the simple projects that your skill level can start with. Mr. Clayon M. Rines has got you all covered with everything to get you started as a novice woodcarver or an experienced hand looking to refresh your wealth of knowledge.

The Simple Woodcarving Book for Beginners, Simple Techniques for Relief Carving, Easy Step-by-Step Beginner-Friendly Projects and Patterns with photographs is a personal guide with a passionate teacher. You will learn how to make those clean cuts in different ways, sharpening your tools and putting the finishing touches on your work.

Your desire to master this age-long art of woodcarving has brought you this far, and this passion will be fueled and guided with everything you will be learning from the pages of this book. Clayton M. Rines will expose you to secrets of the trade, such as the basic cuts, smoothening techniques, how to carve contours, and the essentials or relief carving. The directions to follow for each method are clearly explained and accompanied by photographs to further breakdown the process.

What do you need to get that first project done? This book in your hands, a few well-honed essential cutting tools and a piece of softwood, and you will be on your way to carving the most amazing and exquisite objects that will continuously recharge your bank account, serve as gift items to friends and loved ones and give you joy unlimited.

With your desire to fully understand everything about carving in relief and producing masterpieces, this all-encompassing book on woodcarving will enlighten you and show you the best way to go about it.

From when the idea comes to you, the initial cut to the final finishing touches, these steps will guide you every step of the way;
•Step-by-Step practice projects with visual guides to build your confidence levels
•Types of woods, tools and your workspace, finishing
•Basic and well-explained carving techniques
•Detailed directions
•Carving relief projects
•Maintaining and keeping your tools well-honed and in perfect condition

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a professional carver; this is the book you should get and expand your woodcarving horizon!

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That thought that goes on continuously in your head as you grapple with how to go about embracing and setting your skills alight with your new-found art love an become an obsession if you don't get the right avenue to let it all out. The amorphous pictures, words, ideas that would only become life forms once you can begin to give that piece of wood form continue to push wanting out from your head. The stumbling block is the lack of knowledge on how to start. 

With the almost infinite number of art types that man has experimented with over the years, it is safe to safe that the art of whittling or wood carving is as old as man himself. Carved objects have adorned places of worship, the kitchen, and furniture and beautified other places of interest.

With your interest in wood carving now taking center stage, I can categorically let you know that you have made the right choice in picking this form of artistic expression. The reasons why, are not farfetched as you don't have to break your bank account to get the necessary toolset needed to start working with. The tools are basic, and the wood material is readily available. With your passion, a few bucks, and workspace, you are set and ready to begin carving your dreams into reality.

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