Steve Vernon (author)

My name is Steve Vernon. I am a Canadian storyteller, author and have been writing and selling my work for almost forty years.

Steve vernon

I have seven regional novels published through a local publisher, a dozen or so small press novels and novellas published through the North American small press - as well as over forty independently published novels and novellas, primarily in the horror genre.

I am really interested in translating my full-length horror novel, TATTERDEMON.

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Will has got a dangerous secret...
Grab a copy of BAD LOVE and enjoy nine of the strangest love stories that you have ever read.
So what happens when Bigfoot, the Trickster Coyote, the ghost of Sam Steele and the long-lost spirit of The Prophet, brother to the mighty Tecumseh and reincarnated in the form of a giant pink flying Winnebago go toe-to-toe with dark supernatural forces i
Everything that you have read about Bigfoot is a lie, and he would be the first one to tell you.
A post-apocalyptic love story, of sorts.
Three young boys are about to find out just exactly what the dark and horrifying secret is behind a mysterious black cat.
"Leave Luther's body right where we flung it," Bates said. "You aren't burying anyone today."
A dark and haunting novel of historical horror.
You will NEVER look at a basketball the same way again!
If you tell a story with water it cannot be trusted and it will wash away in the first hard rain or in the tears of a long good cry.
“I hate cats more than any man on the planet,” Grandpa always told us. “A dog you can take hunting and a moose you can shoot, but a cat only gets in the way and barfs on your carpet in the nighttime, most usually in the very spot that you step on first th
Hammurabi Road is a dark redneck-noir novella of retribution, backwoods justice, and getting closer to a black bear than was ever dreamed possible.
A group of homeless fishermen catch something that MIGHT be a mermaid, or it might be something far worse than that.
This is a fantastically eerie story set in war-torn Okinawa - back in the final days of the Pacific Campaign of World War 2.
When Billy McTavish signed on for World War 2 Convoy duty he got much more than he ever bargained for.
So this kelpie and a librarian and a professional assassin dressed as Santa Claus walk into a dark alley...
So how DOES a kelpie, an ex-assassin high school librarian, Santa Claus, the Flying Dutchman and the Krampus wind up going toe-to-toe with a Martian Expeditionary Force in a highly unidentifiable flying gravy bowl?
MIDNIGHT HAT TRICK – a collection of three wonderfully chilling novellas from Nova Scotia storyteller Steve Vernon.
So...this vampire walks into a palm reading shop...
Some secrets are best left untold...
So you think you know superheros? You don't know nothing...
Three stories detailing the adventures of one of the toughest anti-super-heroes in the business, Captain Nothing.
"An Anansi tale that reads as if it were written by William S. Burroughs." - Hellnotes
Volume Three of the creepiest 3-part scarecrow novel that you will ever read.
The second book in the creepiest scarecrow trilogy that you will ever read.
The first volume in the creepiest scarecrow horror novel that you will ever read.
A Western that reads like a cross between Lonesome Dove and Twin Peaks.
Seven eerie sea tales that will really freak you out.
Two surprisingly heart-warming Christmas tales.
An over-the-hill never-say quit bush league hockey team from Northern Labrador go toe-to-tooth with a tour bus full of vampires in an immortal-stakes showdown of street hockey!
A long plus a long plus about three more long times a hundred more longs squared to the hippopotamus long time ago, a boy sat all by himself just outside of his family’s woodshed, drawing cats.
It was Easter Monday, 1952. It was a day like any other. Or at least that's how things started out...
You ask the waitress for eggs and bacon and she brings you a plate with a live chicken on it - feathers and beak and the whole bonanza!
Steve Vernon pays homage to horror authors and bibliophiles in this tale of Texas Jack Page, a collector of rare horror novels who meets his final end in a most unsettling and surprising manner.
In three days Vic will rise - a thing of dirt, bone and hatred. Men will call him the Tatterdemon and hell will follow.
This is the story of a young farmer, a wishing ring, and a fairy named Queen Maab.
What happens when Coyote the Trickster encounters a wandering Scandinavian troll?
What if your favorite weird uncle decided to tell you Bible stories in his own particular voice?
The whole entire story of the Book of Exodus and several books thereafter, encompassing the entire lifespan of Moses himself - as told to you by the world's oldest storyteller, Uncle Bob.
The book of Genesis - as retold in the voice of your favorite uncle.