Suzan Tisdale (author)

Suzan Tisdale, Author of Historical Fiction and Historical Romance

Suzan tisdale

USA Today Bestselling Author, storyteller and cheeky wench, SUZAN TISDALE lives in the Midwest with her verra handsome carpenter husband. Her children have all left the nest. Her pets consist of dust bunnies and a dozen poodle-sized groundhogs – all of which run as free and unrestrained as the voices in her head.

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When you lost everything, any risk is worth taking.
Whisky made her forget. One man’s love will help her remember.
Caelen's Wife, The Complete Collection
Torn between two worlds
Findley's Lass, Book Two of The Clan MacDougall Series
For years, Rianna Coultier has searched for her father while trying to solve the mystery of why he abandoned her and her mother—and to understand her disturbing dreams.
Frederick's Queen, Book Two of The Clan Graham Series
They should never have stolen his wife.
Isle of the Blessed
Will Keevah find safety and happiness in Lachlan’s arms, or will she pay the ultimate price for the sins of her past?
Laidens' Daughter, Book One of The Clan MacDougall Series
One falling star. Two wishes. Whose will come true?
Angus hangs at dawn...
Faith, trust, and hope.
Rowan's Lady, Book One of The Clan Graham Series
Rowan's Lady, Book One of the Clan Graham Series
The Saga Continues
Book of the Moirra's Heart Series ... Fate oft has its own plans
Book Two of the Mackintoshes and McLarens
She was more than his courtesan. He was the love of her life.
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall