The Edge of Forever by Suzan Tisdale

She was more than his courtesan. He was the love of her life.

The edge of forever

One tiny spark took away all the things Isabella Di’Lorini held dear and precious, leaving her orphaned and homeless at eighteen. Fate and circumstances lead her to Turin, Italy where she is saved from living in those dark, bleak back alleys by a stranger’s kindness. After becoming the dressmaker to a group of courtesans, she sees the world from a new perspective and makes a decision that will forever change her life. 

Charles Emmanuel, the heir apparent and Prince of Piedmont was despised by his father. Never meant to be prince or king, Charles’ life and destiny were changed after the death of his older and much favored brother. 
Call it fate or destiny. Charles and Isabella are brought together. 

Just as one tiny spark destroyed her life, a spark of desire and passion changes it again. 
She was more than his courtesan; she was the love of his life. A love story that spanned decades and defied all the odds. But the hatred of one woman – Charles’ wife and queen – threatens to destroy what they have. 

He will do anything he can to keep Isabella safe; including setting her free.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Tudor

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical / Renaissance

Language: English

Keywords: Historical Romance, Tudor Historical Fiction , Courtesan , Italian, Italy, King, Queen

Word Count: 83,000

Sales info:

The book has done well as far as sales and rankings. It is part of my back list of older novels. The reviews are wonderful. 

Sample text:

Signora Francesca Ginori reclined on the decades old chaise lounge enjoying the quiet summer afternoon.  A soft breeze flittered in through the large open doors and caressed her skin. Closing her eyes, she strained her old ears to listen to the sounds of birds twittering and fluttering in the trees that lined her terraced patio. As the wind caressed the leaves, the sound reminded her of waves crashing against the ocean. Of all the rooms in her home, this was her favorite. Bright yet tranquil, it was her safe haven. 

A peaceful, calm atmosphere had settled over her home years ago, one she rather enjoyed. Long gone were the days of parties that lasted until dawn, people coming and going and the general excitement one experiences in their youth. Her children no longer filled the rooms with laughter or music or whimsy, for they were all grown with children and even grandchildren of their own. Though they would visit at least once a year, it was not at all the same. Nothing was the same any more. 

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Already translated. Translated by Tânia Nezio

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