Esa by Suzan Tisdale

Book Two of the Daughters of Moirra Dundotter

Torn between two worlds


Despite having been warned by her mother that love and desire are two very different things, Esa McCullum learns that lesson the hard way. After giving herself to a man she fancies herself in love with, the discovery that he loves another pushes her down a different path.

Determined to put men and all their complications behind her, she devotes her life to being a healer--a choice that leads her to the most complicated man of all.

Father Braigh MacAllister is a man who lives by his faith and his sword, but the archbishop has issued an ultimatum: to lay down his sword or lay down his frock. After being wounded in battle, he finds himself in Esa’s capable--and tempting--hands.

Now torn between two worlds, Braigh must make a decision that could change both their lives forever.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Scottish

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical / Medieval

Language: English

Keywords: Scottish Historical Romance

Word Count: 39182

Sales info:

This is my most recent release (February 4, 2022). It is the second book in my Daughters of Moirra Dundotter series. In the week since release, we've sold over 5,000 copies. It has over 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.4.

Sample text:

Braigh MacAllister was not your ordinary priest. Aye, he tended to his flock, fretted over their souls, and loved the devoted people of the Clan McCullum. But he was also a warrior with unparalleled skill and strength on the field of battle. He had been raised to be a great warrior and an even better man.

He fervently believed he could protect peoples’ souls with his sword as well as he could with prayer; both were vitally important. 

He would never raise his hand to an innocent person, would never begin a fight just for the sake of fighting, but neither would he cower or back away. He would give up his own life to protect an innocent soul from evil or harm. 

While the McCullum clan was used to the odd way in which he tended to them, the archbishop was not nearly as happy knowing Braigh trained with the McCullum warriors on a daily basis. Neither was he happy to learn MacAllister had occasionally ridden into battle to defend their keep and kinfolk. Though, why any of that should have surprised the man was beyond Braigh’s comprehension. 

Braigh now sat on a small three-legged stool in front of the table in his tiny room. Small, bright, and efficient, it held the table, one trunk that contained his few worldly possessions, a small bed on one wall, and a brazier in the center. 

He was responding to the archbishop’s most recent letter, admonishing him once again for taking up the sword against a fellow man. 

I do not judge the men I have killed; I leave that to God. But I will not turn my back on my people. I will not allow evil to destroy all the good God has done. I will not allow evil to win. I will not allow evil men to take the lives of innocents in order that they might gain more power, gold, or fortune. 


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