Caelen's Wife, The Complete Collection by Suzan Tisdale

Caelen's Wife, The Complete Collection

Caelen's wife, the complete collection

The complete collection of the Caelen's Wife Series -- All three books in one collection
Part One: A Murmur of Providence ... where rumors run wild. 
Part Two: A Whisper of Fate ... will anyone know peace again? 
Part Three: A Breath of Promise ... finding a breath of promise even in your darkest hour.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English


Word Count: 123,000

Sales info:

This has been on the best sellers list at: Amazon, iBooks, B&N and Kobo. The books are available as singles, but I'd like to do the entire collection. As singles, they sell around 2500 copies each per month. 

Sample text:

Summer, 1356, The Highlands of Scotland


Fiona McPherson was many things. Stoic, calm in the face of chaos, and fierce. She could also be considered kind as well as generous. Determined, however, was the word most oft used when describing her. And today, she was very determined to get through the remainder of this meeting without committing murder.

If there was one thing no one could ever accuse her of, it was being foolish. The man at the opposite end of the table must not have been privy to that bit of information, for he acted as though she were the biggest fool he’d ever encountered.

Stoically, she cast a glance at the men who sat around the large table. Three of the seven were her brothers. By order of birth they were Collin, William, and Brodie, and they sat on her right. The brothers had all been blessed with their mother’s good looks and their father’s tall stature. They were exceedingly handsome young men, inheriting their mother’s dark hair and blue eyes, and yes, even her grace. Skilled warriors, intelligent strategists, and good, kind men. Not only could they wield a sword unlike any other she’d ever known but they could dance and sing as well. Women practically threw themselves at the three of them, caring not that two of the three were married. They were — and it was no stretch or exaggeration — beautiful men.

Fiona, from the day she was born, stood in stark contrast to her brothers. Unfortunately, she had inherited her father’s fair hair, green eyes and slight overbite. She was taller than the other women in her clan and could neither dance nor sing. The only thing she possessed that even remotely gave her any resemblance to her mother was her slender build and big bosom. Other than that, there was no doubt she was, in every sense of the word, her father’s daughter.

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Already translated. Translated by Ernesto Pavan and Maria Idotta
Author review:
Ernesto was very timely in his translation. He was also very easy to communicate, usually responding within minutes to any questions I may have had. I'd recommend him and Maria to other authors.
Already translated. Translated by Tainá Fernandes da Rocha de Araujo and Carolina Almeida

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