Forever Her Champion by Suzan Tisdale

For years, Rianna Coultier has searched for her father while trying to solve the mystery of why he abandoned her and her mother—and to understand her disturbing dreams.

Forever her champion

Originally part of the Ever My Love; The Lore of the Lucius Ring Anthology, published in 2016.

In the prologue, written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Kathryn Le Veque, we meet Theodosia, wife of the Roman centurion Lucius. After learning her husband was killed in Britannia, the only thing Theodosia has left of him is their daughter and the ring he gave her.

The Lucius Ring, is passed down through the women of Theodosia's family. Legend has it that when the possessor of the ring finds true love, it will glow crimson until it is passed on to the next generation. But what if she does not find her one true love?

In Forever Her Champion, we meet one of those descendants, Rianna Coultier.

For years, Rianna Coultier has searched for her father while trying to solve the mystery of why he abandoned her and her mother—and to understand her disturbing dreams. Or are they truly memories?

Coincidence—or fate—puts Aiden Macgullane in her path at the moment she is about to discover the truth. He is not the same sweet boy she remembers from her childhood. But what has happened in his life to change him into the cold and distant man he is today?

Why does her magic ring glow when he’s near?

Will Aiden be able to save her from the evil man who claims to be her father?

Will the light of the ring continue to burn, or remain black for eternity?

Life often gives us far more questions than answers.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Highlander Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, Medieval Romance

Word Count: 32,000

Sales info:

This book was originally part of the Ever My Love Anthology. It has done well over the past few months. 

Sample text:

Nothing good ever came in the dark of night. 

Valeriana knew this, even at the age of four. Monsters only invaded your dreams at night, or Brownies and fey fairies came to steal little girls from their families. Her mother had told her this just that very night when Valeriana complained at bedtime. Hours later, when she woke to the raspy sound of her father’s voice, to the worry in his eyes, she knew something terrible had happened. 

“Wheest, child,” her father whispered harshly. ’Twas not anger in his voice, but worry blended with the illness he’d been battling for days. His handsome face looked ashen, and eyes that typically sparkled with mirth were dim and glassy. His dark hair was a mess, resembling the feathers on a rooster after battling a fox in the hen house.

“But why must we leave?” she begged for an answer as he scooped her into his arms. “And why cannae ye go with us?” Her papa was her entire world. He was her hero, her champion. The thought of leaving without him made her stomach hurt.

Her father pressed her close to his chest, ignoring her pleas. “There be no time to pack everythin’,” he told her mother, who was shoving some of Valeriana’s clothes into a bag. “Ye’ll nae be gone that long.”

“If ye think ye’re sendin’ me clear across the world without a change of clothes, ye be sadly mistaken!” Her mother did not look happy. But then, she rarely ever looked happy. 

Taking her mother literally, the child asked, “Why are we goin’ across the world, Papa?” 

Doing his best to soothe away her worry, he tried to explain. “’Tis nae across the world, I promise. ’Twill only be fer a few days. Weeks at most. I need ye to be brave. Can ye do that for me?”


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