The Bowie Bride by Suzan Tisdale

Book Two of the Mackintoshes and McLarens

The bowie bride

Alec Bowie never wanted a wife. He never wanted a hearth and home. And he most assuredly never wanted to be chief of his clan. But much to his vexation, he finds himself in possession of all three. 
His desire for peace and to protect his clan are stronger than his desire to remain free and untethered. He agrees to the marriage in the hopes his wife will bed him only long enough get with child then leave him the bloody hell alone.

Leona MacDowall -- or Leona ‘Odd Eyes’, Leona the Witch, or Leona ‘The Devil’s Spawn’ depending on to whom you speak -- is all too happy to volunteer to marry the Bowie Chief. Though the clan Bowie's reputation as murderers and thieves precedes them, she believes life with Alec more palatable than living the rest of her life untouched, unmarried, and under the hateful rule of her spiteful father.

But nothing turns out the way they expect. Alec doesn't know if he can keep to his original plan of leaving his wife alone after he gets her with child. Leona is beginning to suspect she might not get the happy home she's always wanted. And worst of all, someone's set on murdering Leona — and might just succeed before anyone's dreams can come true.

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Scottish Historical Romance

Word Count: 146,000

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This book made the USA Today Bestsellers list when it released. To date, we've sold more than 25,000 copies. 

Sample text:



Peace was tenuous at best.

Alec Bowie was loathe to admit it. Of course, he was loathe to admit many things of late.

Two months had passed since his brother had been killed. It had been a painful, horrible death. Had Ian Mackintosh’s piercing blade not been enough for Rutger, then the horse that trampled him into the earth had finished the job. Even though his brother had been mad with greed for gold and power, Alec still missed him. Besides their endless lines of cousins, Rutger was the last living kin he had.

Now he was dead. Laid to rest in the family plot without much ceremony, near the loch not far from the Bowie keep. In death, as it had been in life, Rutger was placed between his parents. While their parents loved their sons without question, they often used them as weapons against the other. Parents and son were probably all three burning in hell. Alec couldn’t be certain, of course.

He had begged his brother on numerous occasions to take the opportunity to bring peace to their clan. To change the tide and bring the outside world in. But Rutger refused.

Too entrenched in the past, too afraid to take chances, too greedy and obstinate, he had left it up to Alec to give the clan what they needed most: a future.

A far different future.

A life without thieving, without terrorizing neighboring clans, a life without crime or prices on their heads.

And now he was their chief. 

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