Livia Ellis (author)

Romance writer working hard for the money.

Were I to write a personal ad about myself it would read as follows:

Blond. Blue. 5'6". A lady never discloses her weight, but I've never had any complaints. I only run if I'm being chased by a gun wielding maniac, but I do love yoga. Bit of a shoe hound. Have had issues passing up handbags. Trying to learn to play the Irish harp. Enjoy both theater and concerts. Love to read fantasy and science fiction. Am not ashamed to admit I adore Star Trek. Have a picture of myself (dressed as a nun) and the late Patrick Swayze (dressed as a medieval warrior) in a frame (Yes - I did cry when he died). Perpetual student. Vivid imagination. Sexually adventurous only on paper. I never know what to say when people end a conversation with 'god bless'. Occasionally play the lottery - but generally only when I'm feeling really poor. Love to travel. Fluent French speaker. Seeks readers whom enjoy what I write.

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Henna goes to Bermuda for a well needed vacation and finds more than sun and sand.
Book one of three that combines Volumes 1-4 of the Memoirs of a Gigolo Serial.
Let down your hair? When the lady of the manor finds a new maid she might just escape her tower.
Bed. Such a wonderful thing. A woman that needs a bed on a stormy night will take what she can get. If she's lucky, she might get lucky.
It's Christmas in Russia for Olga, Oliver, and Elon. Oliver meets the family, a couple of Russian gangsters, an amorous cougar and receives a dubious welcome to Saint Petersburg in this stand alone story.
Oliver is back for Halloween. He is invited to one of THOSE parties in Paris where we see him and his life as an escort from an entirely new perspective.
Oliver returns to Ireland for an unforgettable St. Patrick's Day.
It's Valentine's Day. The slowest working day of the year for a bunch of prostitutes. What does Oliver do on a day filled with romantic cliches and mishandled expectations? He does what he always does and tries to make the best of a bad situation and poss
Alejandro, a young Argentinean polo player, finds the sultry hot first love he’s longed for in the cold Russian winter. When he travels to Saint Petersburg to join a private polo team, he meets Marcus, the American coach whose graceless charm is the perfe
Oliver looks at his past as he tries to make sense of the present whilst planning for the future.
Oliver is in Japan. What will it take to get him to leave and return home? Possibly more than Olga has to offer him.
Oliver and Olga are back and on their way to Japan. Before they reach their destination, there is a brief stop in Bangkok to meet up with the Latin Pop Star. When they arrive in Japan, Oliver's expectations of the client and reality are in direct contrast
After an absence from the job, Oliver is back to work and determined the have a perfect day.
Follow Oliver's journey through the world of sex for hire.
In Volume Seven of Oliver’s amorous adventures, Oliver gets into the first fight of his life, rounds up his assortment of fellow horny escorts, celebrities, and fallen aristocracy, for a reality TV show at his ancestral manor and ends the novel in the sec
All jobs become routine after a while. Even that of a male escort.
Oliver's Story Continues
Before Oliver can embark on his new adventure, he needs to cut ties with his old life. Part of his new life is a new place to live. He takes up residence in the house, meets a few of his new roommates, then tries to get settled in. Of course, nothing is e
Juniper's quiet life needs a bit of shaking up.