Lucky by Livia Ellis

Bed. Such a wonderful thing. A woman that needs a bed on a stormy night will take what she can get. If she's lucky, she might get lucky.


Bed. Such a wonderful thing. A woman that needs a bed on a stormy night will take what she can get. If she's lucky, she might get lucky.
Getting lost in the Irish countryside can be fun when a charming and handsome man makes you feel at home. 

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 5063

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My sales are excellent and my readship base is loyal. I am consistently at the top of the Amazon sales charts. 

Sample text:

His name is Lucky and that is exactly how he makes me feel when I’m with him.


            How did this thing between us begin? With a blizzard.

            It rarely snows in Dublin and when it does it is never enough to stick. So when it does snow with any sort of purpose, the city grinds to a halt.

            I was not in Dublin when the storm hit. I was on the other side of Ireland in on the coast of Mayo.

            Home is Dublin. I grew up in the mid-west outside of Chicago. Snow doesn’t scare me. Irish drivers’ unaccustomed to substantial snow skidding down the motorway terrify the piss out of me. It’s not that it doesn’t snow in Ireland. It just doesn’t snow enough to stick or to have a lasting impact. At least not often.

            Reality is, I know I could probably make it home without incident. The simple truth is, I don’t feel like taking the risk of driving across the country when a storm is forecast to hit. The last thing I want is to get stuck on the road, wishing I’d stopped, and not finding a B&B with a vacancy.

            So I switch to plan B when I’m still in the rural west. I pull into the parking lot of a lone pub that pops up out of the middle of nowhere. This is not weird. This is pretty normal. It’s Ireland after all. The moment you think Ireland makes sense, a pub pops up out of the middle of nowhere and resets the clock.

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