Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Three by Livia Ellis

Oliver's Story Continues

Memoirs of a gigolo volume three

Oliver's journey into the parallel world of top-shelf escorting has begun. Volume Three picks up where Volume Two ended. Oliver has entered the arena, and like a gladiator ready to face his first adversary, he heads to meet his first high-profile high-paying client. After an ideal entry into the business, he meets his most unorthodox client, draws a line he will not cross, then meets his first female client.


Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 22000

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My sales are consistently high and my books are often at the top of the charts on Amazon. 

Sample text:


I hear the noise from the arena, but more than that, I feel it in my bones. There is a rhythm to it that is positively primordial. There is a power to the stomping and clapping. There is a psychological element to that sort of communal cacophony. There must be. Beating of drums, chests, swords against shields. These behaviors don't just occur without purpose. The beat of the drum compares to the beat of the heart and the thrum of blood in the ears. Again, there is something primal in it. How much different are we now than we were two thousand years ago when we stomped our feet and banged our hands together to bring out the gladiators?


I am a gladiator as I walk through the concrete tunnels of the arena. I feel the pounding of the crowd. I hear the call of the music of the opening bands. I begin to move in step with the pulse of the crowd. If I close my eyes and envision the world around me, as it was when a warrior fought for the pleasure of Caesar on the floor of an arena, I am certain I would understand that feeling when raw emotion takes over reason and rational behavior. I get the lure of the cheering crowd. I understand why people crave fame and why their lives are utterly devastated when they've had it and then it's gone. It must be hell to have been a contender on X-Factor then have to return to obscurity. 


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Already translated. Translated by Irene Aprile
Author review:
Irene is my go to translator for Italian. She's great to work with.
Already translated. Translated by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
Author review:
This is not the first time I've worked with Cinta and it won't be the last. I plan on sticking with this translator for all of my Spanish books.

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