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Books to Go Now (BTGN) is proud to be a Traditional Publisher who works with their authors each step of the publication process. We have helped numerous authors become best-sellers with our dedication to creating only the best.

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We represent over 150 authors and have over 800 titles up for sale in ebook, paperback and audiobooks.

Our staff works one-on-one with our authors to help them to create wonderful works of fiction. Upon publication we use a successful multi-platform strategy to promote and market their work. Our staff has helped many authors become International and Domestic Bestsellers.


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Can a small-town mayor and big-city broadcaster have the romance that Jessica always dreamed of?
Ten years ago, Jarrett Brandt left home and abandoned everyone of importance
Here is a Victorian detective thriller set to chill your bones. Karlsen delivers a novel that will not be set down until the very last word.
What if you ran into the boy you broke up with from high school?
Kristine Ann Smith is a young ghost who was tragically murderd many years ago, and now lives in the same house in which she was killed, refusing to let go of her gruesome past.
The sequel novel to the best-selling, thriller, Golden Chariot.
Aria spends her days living in a small one bedroom apartment on Jekyll Island with her adorable cat, Salem
Story one from the new romance series of the timeless Cinderella story re-imagined where four girlfriends make a wish on a locket.
Long before there were texts, instant messaging, and endless social networks, we had phones and snail mail.
Julie and Scott Cutter made a deal: 2 years. Scott will spend 2 years working as a butler for a rich reality TV star and then they will start the family Julie has always dreamed of.
Just imagine the perfect wedding… and then everything that could go wrong
Thary Murray has been riding across country to outrun the tragic memories of his past.
A man and a woman meet in the past; can they bridge time to be together in another place?
Charlotte is present when the Turkish government agent assigned to guard the site is murdered
Rachel is hot, sexy and attractive. She is also Brad’s friend Joe’s mother. What starts as a birthday party at his home goes on to become something more memorable when she develops a keen interest in Brad.
Elinor Hawthorne has in inherited a house that is haunted by the ghosts of two medieval knights, Basil Manneville and Guy Guiscard.
Christmas. It’s that time of the year again again and Brenda is alone, as usual.
Another book in the exciting, best-selling time-travel romance series, Knights in Time.
London attorney, Shakira Constantine finally agrees to spend the day with her handsome client, Alex Lancaster.
JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world.
Given a choice between the pleasant life you knew centuries ago
Torn between growing feelings for Carrick and work commitments, will Zoe get a little luck of the Irish to help her make a decision?
At Christmas, Kara Hayward makes a pact with her girlfriends She’s wearing a headband of mobile mistletoe until a man kisses her.
Krista Hartley never expected the unrequited love of her life, the irresistible Derek Weston, to work as the groundskeeper at the apartment building she just moved into.
It's 1945. U.S. Marine, Ron Day, has been fighting on island after island in the South Pacific
Gwendoline Delacroix finds herself fleeing Paris in a desperate attempt to escape the memories that haunt her in her French countryside chateau.
Amber begins to wonder if all things come in pairs.
Race Through Space is an adventure story that pays homage to the adventure movies from the 1980’s and the real-life scientists that have shaped our understanding of the universe.
Race Through Space II: The Wave of Time introduces you to new alien civilizations and unique planets.
Race Through Space III: The End of Time is and action-packed adventure that brings you to incredible new worlds and introduces you to strange, alien creatures that are inspired by the real scientists who have shaped our understanding of the universe.
It’s a race against time to tell Rhiannon the truth and capture her soul before she lays waste to the rest of the town and kills the remainder descendants of those who condemned her.
Book One in the sexy new series, The Mac Brothers.
It is the time of Jack the Ripper, the widowed Queen Victoria sits on the throne of England
The summer of 1889 was proving to be a strange one for Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone and his partner.
Will one sunset, one kiss and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?
Will one sunset, one kiss, and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?
Will one sunset, one kiss, and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?
A story of remembrance, a gift, and a love rediscovered through healing hearts.
To help three co-workers coordinate their weddings, Skye Wilson must act as a bridesmaid for them
RACE THROUGH SPACE is a kid-centered sci-fi series
Will their love be enough to break the grasp of their tormentor’s clutches, or will they die trying? Find out in this exciting tale filled with twists and turns at every corner.
It brings the series full circle with the heroine, Hailey Jade, and her cousin, Isaiah, having another Christmas adventure.
Christmas is a time for family, particularly children who keep the magic of Christmas alive.
Leonora Harris fled her newly wedded husband's home in Georgian England, 1725, and took shelter in a cave during a rainstorm.
Jaye Ramsey decided to prove to her eccentric grandmother that time travel only existed in movies by vacationing in Bolivia with her friends.
Valentine Wells returns to Venice. After having visited ten years earlier when she was just sixteen years old, it was where she had impulsively met Lorenzo Dipachio. Her first kiss. Her first love.
A spellbinding, new sexy romance in a bewitching tale.