Sunset Waves by Jennifer Conner

Will one sunset, one kiss, and one crazy idea keep her in Sunset Beach?

Sunset waves

Mateo Medina has the perfect job in New York City, the perfect condo and the perfect car, so why are his anxiety attacks getting worse by the day? All he needs is a short vacation and a few days off in the sleepy little resort town of Sunset Beach. Then everything will go back to normal. His Perfect Life.

Kyra can’t believe that things can get any worse. The first guest has arrived at the Sunset Beach Resort and they aren’t even open for business. Someone’s hacked the resort’s website. She has to make things work for their guest, it’s not his fault. She also has to make sure to stomp on the feelings she’s having for him. He’s going to be gone in a few days and she has too much work to do to prepare for the resorts opening.

Mateo and Kyra need to work together to resolve the resorts problems. Will they both find that there is more to life than work…can there possibly be love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 14000

Sales info:

2 (5) star reviews.

Jennifer Conner is a best-selling Northwest author who has over sixty short stories and books in ebook, print, and audiobooks. She writes in Christmas Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, and Erotica.

Sample text:

Mateo Medina fought to keep his eyes open. He hadn’t slept well for a while. Hell, who was he trying to kid? He hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for the last few years. He was only in his late twenties, but on most days the lack of sleep made him feel like an old man.

His job was taking a toll on him body and soul.

A few years ago his career was everything and now he had everything he wanted…didn’t he? Being from a first generation Latino family, his parents taught him that hard work brought happiness. They worked, but seemed to still have time to laugh and be with family. What was he doing wrong?

He gunned his convertible BMW M-3 hoping a hit of the cold sea air in his face would jolt him awake. His eyes began to droop and he knew for his own safety, he’d best stop. Seeing a wide spot on the road, he pulled over and turned off the engine.

Mateo opened the driver’s door and pulled his muscular frame out of the car. He walked -onto the shoulder, grasped the railing, and looked out over the water. He tried to draw in a full breath and attempted to ignore the tremors in his hands. He’d been experiencing these uncontrollable anxiety attacks for the last few months. It would all be fine. He needed to man up. All his body needed was a little break. He'd told his boss that he needed a week off and then he’d be back on top of things like he’d always been.

If he relaxed and got some rest, everything would be normal.

Normal and back to his perfect life.

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