The Race Through Space Trilogy by David Hawk

RACE THROUGH SPACE is a kid-centered sci-fi series

The race through space trilogy

Neil Webb is a nerdy, brilliant kid from a small town in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The only thing that is on Neil’s mind is how is he and his best friend Marie are going to spend their summer vacation. His life is upended when he receives a mysterious message from his scientist father. Now, he must decide whether to save his father or change the course of human evolution.

RACE THROUGH SPACE is a kid-centered sci-fi series that pays homage to the adventure movies from the 1980’s and to the real life scientists that have expanded our understanding of the universe.


Language: English

Keywords: sci-fi, kids, action, adventure

Word Count: 57,000

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Sample text:

“She blinded me with science. Science!” shouted Thomas Dolby in his classic song She Blinded me with Science.

The song blared out of Neil’s smart phone on the table next to his bed. He poked his hand out from underneath his rocket ship patterned comforter, turned off the alarm and slowly sat up straight. He threw back the covers, jumped out of bed and changed from his NASA pajamas to his black Space-X T-shirt and a pair of jorts.

After several minutes, Neil bounded down the stairs and turned toward the kitchen. He rounded the staircase and saw his mother cooking eggs. She wore a grey sweatshirt that read “High Plains Storm Chasers.” She turned toward him. “Good morning. You’re up early,” she said, with a spatula in her hand.

“Yeah, I’m really excited about today. I need to pick up Marie before we go to the museum,” Neil said.

“Are you all packed up for tonight?” his mother asked.

“Yep, I can’t wait,” Neil replied.

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