Seaside Seduction by Angela Ford

Book One in the sexy new series, The Mac Brothers.

Seaside seduction

Confident, attractive, and rich. Submissive women kept him a confirmed bachelor.
Aaron MacDonald always got what he wanted, and no woman would ever change that.

Then Elsie Chisholm arrived at his resort for her sister’s wedding. Her magazine article had her focused on the sexy resort owner.

It’s business to her. She’s a challenge to him. Which one will gain control of planned seduction?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: Contemporary romance, romance

Word Count: 20,000

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11 reviews

Sample text:

With all the formality of introductions and greetings, he hadn’t noticed her behind the bride. Her long brown loose curls hung half-way down her back. Her eyes sparkled like the stars, long eyelashes surrounded them. But it was her pink pouted lips, curved into a smile that aroused him. Aaron swallowed hard. Her beauty captivated every pure ounce of desire in him. He realized he’d stared too long and quickly rerouted his attention back to the bride and groom. A playboy at heart, but not one who would jeopardize business. She was a guest at his hotel.

“If there’s anything I can do for you while you’re with us here at Seaside Escape, please let the front desk know.”

Aaron briefly glanced over to his front desk manager for acknowledgment who nodded in assurance.

“Enjoy your stay.”

Aaron nodded briefly at the couple and then took a quick look in the direction of the beauty in the background. He turned to head back to his office when he heard his name called.

“Mr. MacDonald.”

Aaron turned to discover the beautiful woman that captivated him a few seconds before was the one who’d called out to him.

“Yes, Miss–”

“Chisholm, but please, call me Elsie.”

Now he had a name for this beauty.

“May I have a few moments of your time, Mr. MacDonald.”

“Yes, of course; and please call me Aaron.”

Elsie turned briefly to her sister. “I want to confirm a few things about the wedding, Sis. I’ll check in a few minutes and call you from my room.”



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