Ty'Ron Robinson II (author)

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Ty'ron robinson ii

Prolific writer, artist, storyteller, and creator of the worlds of Dark Titan Entertainment. From the Dark Titan Universe Saga series, The Haunted City Saga series, the EverWar Universe Literature series, Symbolum Venatores Prose Series, and more.

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The Dead Days have come.
"Two Bloodlines. One Path."
The Introduction to the Dark Titan Universe!
The First One-Shot Stories of the Dark Titan Universe!
Octagon Lives!
"In a time long past, of an age within ages, there was the war."
"The Unknown will be Unveiled."
"Welcome To The Kingdom."
"Prepare to meet Mr. Hod."
"The events which transformed Travis Vail into the Spirit-Seeker."
"Welcome back to New Haven."
Welcome to the Hidden Red Planet.
"A New World of Science-Fantasy Adventures."
"Remember the Former Ways"
"He was there for them all."
"Within Truth, Wisdom Resides."
"Solely to Protect."
"The Elect are a Chosen Few."
"The Ancients Have Risen."
The Prophecy Has Begun
"One of the Seven"
"The Resistance is born."
"Vengeance is his path. The Only one."