The Horde by Ty'Ron Robinson II

The Prophecy Has Begun

The horde

Interstate 5 of Seattle, Washington is held up by some unusual traffic. The cause of the traffic surges into the city, setting the course for a hidden agenda that only Professor Abelard Ekkehardt, Dr. Allan Desportan, and his team of scientists and outcasts must uncover. For the prophecy has begun and they have come.

Includes a bonus story, One Mission: A Spy Short Story.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: The Horde, Seattle, Washington, Vampire Horror, Vampire Thriller, Horror Novella, Supernatural Horror, Supernatural Thriller, Vampires, Spy Fiction

Word Count: 13187

Sample text:

Interstate 5 in Washington state is completely packed. Many are trying to enter Seattle as other drivers try to find their way through. In the front, the drivers notice that a hazard sign has been placed on the interstate for anyone traveling through. No vehicles are moving, just sitting in their current places. One driver, a man, exits his vehicle and proceeds to walk to the front of the interstate. As drivers honk their horns at each other trying to get pass, the man continues walking through.

As he looked closer, he’s yanked to the ground. He started to scream as his body is being ripped apart by unseen forces. They bite onto his neck and arms, draining the blood from his body. His screams are heard from the other drivers. As he screamed, other drivers walk out of their vehicles, only to be attacked by the forces as well. Now, the entire interstate is covered with abandoned cars and over a hundred scattered people running for their lives.

The people begin running toward the entrance into downtown Seattle. They continue to run and scream in horror as many of them are being knocked to the ground or yanked behind a vehicle. Many lie on the ground, being ripped apart and bitten in the neck, arms, and thighs. Many are reaching the entrance quickly, but the forces are moving at a faster pace, catching and killing anyone who’s in their way.

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