Dark Titan Knights by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II

The Introduction to the Dark Titan Universe!

Dark titan knights


Explore the landscape with these thirty stories detailing the major factors across the Dark Titan Universe. From The Swordman to Specter Errant, see how this universe unfolds into the larger focus ahead with heroes, villains, supernatural, and otherworldly forces.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Superheroes

Language: English

Keywords: Dark Titan Universe, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Superheroes, Short Stories, Horror, Paranormal

Word Count: 45492

Sample text:

Rain poured down on the city of Retropolis. The thunder roars through the clouds from the streaks of lightning. Vehicles move down the crowded city streets. Some held at red lights. Around the corner, two police cars speed down another street, chasing another vehicle, of what appears to be a dark violet Camaro. The police sharply turn corners to trap and inch closer to the Camaro.

“I can’t tell who’s driving the car. But I know it’s a female.” An officer says through the intercom.

“We’re on her.” An officer responded from the second car.

Chasing the Camaro through the streets and nearly hitting passengers and bystanders on sidewalks, they take a sharp left turn and immediately from another angle, a slick black and silver vehicle bolts out from the shadows. The vehicle speeds with great velocity toward the Camaro as the officers look onward.

“What kind of car is that?” An officer said.

Inside the slick vehicle is The Swordman—Known only as an urban myth to the civilians, yet is written in the eons of history. Geared in his black and gray armor and cloaked hood.

His sword laying in the passenger seat. His face covered completely like a ninja with only his eyes visible, appearing completely white, reflecting off thee light source from the outside. He sped up closer to the Camaro. The woman in the Camaro, took notice of the slick car through the mirror. She sighs, rolling down the window, with a gun in hand. She turned back, shooting toward The Swordman.

The gunshots had no effect. The Swordman sat in his car calm. Somewhat somber. Still focused on the mission at hand. The woman, now aggravated, increases the gas attempting to drive out of The Swordman’s sight. The Swordman, realizing the woman’s plan, flips a switch near the steering wheel.

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