EverWar Universe by Ty'Ron W. C. Robinson II

Avior vs. Dekar

"In a time long past, of an age within ages, there was the war."

Everwar universe

"In a time long past, of an age within ages, there was the war."

A quote known across the sectors. A sentence of eras. Battles and wars have been fought and now, their stories will be told.

435 years during the Battle of Caelum. After the war between the Viper Order and the Herenian Empire, the former Lords of the Viper have now passed their succession to the two new leaders of the Realm. With this new darker lineage formed, setting the course for a new conquest to Those of the Dekar. Meanwhile, their opposing adversaries, the Knights of the Covenant rally to confront their enemies head-on as the balance of the Stellarspace continues to shift.

This novella channels across two eras of the EverWar Universe. From the new formation of the Viper Order to the arrival of a new Knight of the Covenant.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

Language: English

Keywords: EverWar Universe, Avior vs. Dekar, Aweran Serkelrod, Sinth Cain, Those of the Avior, Those of the Dekar, Stellarspace, Knights of the Covenant, Viper Lords, Mythic Science-Fantasy, Space Opera Books, Science Fantasy, Knights and Lords, Mythopoeia, Knights in Space

Word Count: 28174

Sample text:

Walking for a few miles through the wilderness, the Knights find themselves looking out toward a small base surrounded by evacuees from Tropolton, the capital city of Helio. They walked toward the base as the people turned and looked upon them. Spotting their robes and their presence, they know they’re Abhdi Knights and immediately the people run toward them, begging to know of their cities’ current circumstance.

“People of Tropolton, please calm yourself and we will explain all that we know of your city.”

“What of our city?”” A refugee said. “What about our families out there?!”

“What we do know is the city has been sacked by the Viper Order.” Amzi said. “But, some of our fellow Knights managed to slay Sinth Tyrannus and his wife took her own life afterwards out of fear of imprisonment.”

“When can we go back?” Another refugee said. “When can we return to our homes?”

“We do not know if you’ll ever return to your homes.”

The people gasped in fear and dread of never seeing their homes again. Amzi stood before them and raised his hand. Calming and relaxing them from their fears.

“We will restore Tropolton in time and you’ll have your city back and your planet well protected.”

“How can you be so sure of that, Knight of Abhdi?” One refugee said. “How can we trust your words?”

“Trust not my words, but the actions that will ensure its protection.”

The people stood quiet as Amzi and the Knights continued to walk toward the main section of the base. They sat underneath a tent until nightfall. While sitting, they ate and drank while discussing their next phase of action.

“We’ll need some assistance.” Amzi said.

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