In A Glass of Dawn by Ty'Ron Robinson II

The Casebook of Travis Vail

"The events which transformed Travis Vail into the Spirit-Seeker."

In a glass of dawn

"The events that transformed Travis Vail into the Spirit-Seeker."

Learn how Travis Vail became the Spirit-Seeker with this collection of stories detailing Vail's early days as an occult detective, leading the way to his confrontation with Kamagrauto. Vail's world was once small and simple. now it's complex and full of mystery.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker, Occult Detective, Ghost Stories, Short Stories, Paranormal, Gothic

Word Count: 32841

Sample text:

Occult Detective Travis Vail set out on his investigation to a mansion which is documented to be a very haunted location. Wearing his black coat with slacks, Vail arrives in the city of Hartford, Connecticut, where the mansion is located on the outskirts of the city. Vail gets to the mansion, known as the Rosebane Mansion. Outside of the mansion is its current owner, Lloyd Sharp. Sharp extends his hand as a greeting to Vail.

“Welcome to Rosebane Mansion, Mr. Vail.” Sharp said.

Vail shook his hand in greet and allowed Sharp to invite him inside the mansion.

Within the mansion’s interior is a beautiful structure for a century-year-old building. The walls are made of granite marble with historical paintings and picture frames across. The flooring was made of hardwood. Vail quickly examines the mansion’s interior.

“What happened here that caused the haunting?” Vail said.

“The former residents were unaware of what was buried here centuries ago.” Sharp said. “One day, their son was digging in the backyard and discovered a skeleton with Indian artifacts.”

“An Indian burial ground, you say.’ Vail said.

 “Of course.” Sharp said. “Once the parents discovered it, they had it taken away, which later became a regret to them as the poltergeist activities began to occur.”

“Truly a mistake they made.’ Vail said. “So, I’ve been brought here to investigate these haunting?”

Sharp brought Vail into the bedroom section of the mansion upper floors. Inside were a total of six rooms, the master bedroom belonged to the parents, another to their son, and four for guests. Vail walked through every bedroom, scavenging the entire location for anything resourceful. Sharp watched him as he went through every room like an focused individual.

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