Lost in Shadows by Ty'Ron Robinson II


"Welcome back to New Haven."

Lost in shadows

U.S. Marshals and Homicide Detectives, Preston Maddox and Emily Weston are charged with a task to solve a series of murders which have conjured up in New Haven, Connecticut.
Preston has a lead on who may be the cause of the murders, upon the moment where his childhood friend, Hoyt Bennett makes his return to New Haven from prison, along with old enemies reappearing from the past, triggering a turn for the worst when Preston and Emily find themselves lost in shadows.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English

Keywords: Instincts, New Haven, Connecticut, Crime-Fiction, Thriller, Maddox, Crime Novel

Word Count: 62035

Sample text:

New Haven Detective and U.S. Marshal Preston Maddox drives down a pair of narrow streets as he’s on the search for Jonny Cartel, one of the top drug lords of New Haven, Connecticut. Preston, who’s wearing his casual suit attire, drives through the quiet streets of New Haven. He turns a corner that heads toward Orange Avenue, around the West River.

“I take it he’s around this area. Somewhere.”

He turned a corner, which was leading him into a dark pathway. On the other side of the street is a small warehouse covered in rusted panels. Preston drove closer to the warehouse and spotted a white van on the left side. Preston noticed a group of guys standing by the van, wearing all black with their faces barely covered, stacking what appears to be bags of marijuana and cocaine in the back. Preston also noticed a black SUV beside the van with one man coming out, wearing a white suit with slick hair.

“There’s the son of a bitch.” Preston said as he sees Jonny Cartel.

Preston slowly put the car in park and turned off the vehicle. He exited out of the car and began walking toward the scene. As he walked closer, one of the men spotted him and started yelling. The other men looked up and see Preston. Jonny turned and stared at Preston. Preston does the same.

“Well, looks like the Instinct has found me.” Jonny said. “What’s the next step, Detective? I hope you’re not here for a license plate or sticker check on my SUV here.”

“I’m here to take your worthless self to prison. Unless you have another option of a location you’ll like to take you?”

Jonny laughed as he looked toward his men. They laughed along with him, until Preston glared at them. Jonny turned back to Preston, looking at his clothes before keeping his attention focused on Preston.

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Already translated. Translated by Oscar Romano
Author review:
Oscar did a tremendous job in translating this book! I recommend him for your books in the future when it comes to Italian translations.
Already translated. Translated by Juliana Franco
Already translated. Translated by Dess Delicent

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