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Leigh anderson

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Follow Kanita and Safi through the jungles of ancient Siam in a story of friendship, hope, and redemption.
Lihua never could have imagined that the birth of a little brother would end the life she knew.
She didn’t plan on becoming a rebel…
Harry Potter meets the Dragonriders of Pern in this exciting coming of age adventure!
Harry Potter meets the Dragonriders of Pern in this exciting coming of age adventure!
Harry Potter meets the Dragonriders of Pern in this exciting coming of age adventure!
In order to save everyone at Thornrush Manor, Isoline will have to confront the darkest parts of herself-and discover the secret of the man who hides in her dreams.
Take a peek behind the curtain at the fascinating world of Chinese opera in Murder at the Peking Opera, book 3 in the Qing Dynasty Mystery Series.
Will Lady Li and Inspector Gong be able to solve the crime without the answer leading China to war?
When Lady Li's sister is murdered in the Forbidden City, can she trust the man ordered to solve the crime?
Once upon a time, a vampire and a witch fell in love, and that love fractured the world. Now divided into sixteen isolated Divisions, the world is an unstable and dangerous place.
Demons of Japanese myth lurk in Chiyoko Hollow, and if they aren't stopped soon, the magic of the lands will be twisted beyond salvation.
In a single moment, her life was no longer her own…
A new world full of beautiful possibilities, but old scars run deep.
Indiana Jones meets Outlander in this time travel adventure romance!
Empress Wu’s dagger is more than it appears. Blessed with an ancient power, the dagger can be used to make and destroy empires.
Out of all the geisha, only Mineko´s strangeness was hidden from the world.
The geisha who escaped from the Floating World. The Geisha with the Green Eyes.
With threats coming from all sides, and the stability of Oran crumbling around her, Soriana will finally discover just how strong she is, and how far she’s willing to go to save her people, her nation, and the love she’s held at arm’s length for far too l
As Soriana continues to fight the passion she still can’t deny, she realizes that sometimes even the hidden battles leave scars.
Soriana must decide if she’s strong enough to give up the love she never hoped to find to become the woman her people so desperately need.
Kill the Empress, save China.
Love and Faith collide in this Gothic romance.
From the bed of an Emperor, the heart of a Prince, and the right side of an Empress, Yaqian weaves her way through the most turbulent decades of China’s history and witnesses the fall of the Qing Dynasty.