The Geisha Who Could Feel No Pain by India Millar

Out of all the geisha, only Mineko´s strangeness was hidden from the world.

The geisha who could feel no pain

Out of all the geisha, only Mineko´s strangeness was hidden from the world.

Mineko was the geisha who could not feel pain. She was the geisha that no man could hurt, no matter how hard they tried. And not only was Mineko unable to feel physical pain, she was also unable to feel the emotions of love and longing and need. Until she met the Samurai who became her lover; the man who—just as she was—was owned body and soul by Mineko´s master, the terrible yakuza Akira.

As her desires were awoken by Ken, her Samurai lover, Mineko begins to dream of another life, one of freedom. 

In this, the second in the “Secrets from the Hidden House” series, the terrible mysteries that lie at the heart of the Hidden House are revealed. Past and present twist together, each secret deeper and darker than that which has gone before. The enigma that is the Hidden House unfurls the petals of its history here, in Mineko´s story.

The story of the Geisha Who Could Feel No Pain.

This is the second story from the Hidden House, but is also a stand-alone novel. 

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: historical, romance, japan, steamy, adult

Word Count: 100,00

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strong sales of over 200 copies per month and increasing.

Sample text:

We expected things to be bad once Midori No Me suddenly disappeared from the Hidden House, the discreet house of pleasure for the very wealthiest men in Edo’s Floating world. We could do nothing of course; we were powerless. The Hidden House was not just our home, it was our prison.

Midori had been Akira-san’s favorite of all the girls, but we knew instinctively that she was more than just favored, and that he loved her—as far as Akira was capable of love. Not, of course, that the greatest yakuza in Edo would ever admit to having any tender feelings for a mere woman. But we knew, and we trembled as we waited for him to take his revenge on those of us who remained. I shivered with misery as well. Midori had been as an elder sister to me. She had taken care of me for my mizuage—the paid for ceremonial deflowering that every maiko, every trainee geisha, must undergo before she can become a full-fledged geisha. And over time, she had truly become my sister. We had shared secrets. I knew all about her lover, Danjuro, the star of the kabuki theater. I knew she hated Akira body and soul. Knew about the complex cat-and-mouse game she played with him every day she was his captive, the game where she had to stay one step ahead or face his anger and die at his hand.

When she vanished from the Floating World, I prayed that somehow she had escaped. Everybody else thought Akira had murdered her in a fit of anger, but I was convinced I could still feel her spirit in this world. I hoped I was right, and that she was not only alive, but happy.

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