The Empress's Dagger by Amanda Roberts

Empress Wu’s dagger is more than it appears. Blessed with an ancient power, the dagger can be used to make and destroy empires.

The empress's dagger

As the Qing Empire continues to crumble, the Empress is more desperate than ever to find a way to secure her stranglehold on the country. Every day, she forces Jiayi to use her powers to see into the past to the time of Empress Wu to discover the secret to securing power. 

But Jiayi already knows the answer. 

Empress Wu’s dagger is more than it appears. Blessed with an ancient power, the dagger can be used to make and destroy empires.

Jiayi’s ability to travel through time is growing stronger, and she is not sure she wants to use that power to prop up a dying empress. There is only one man she wants to save. The man she lost her heart to. A man who died over a thousand years ago. 

Zhihao knows he cannot fall in love with Jiayi, a palace slave. But with each passing day, his feelings grow stronger. 

When a ghost from his past walks into his life, Zhihao may have to choose between his country and the woman he loves. 

Secrets will be revealed in the second exciting installment of the Touching Time Trilogy!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Time Travel

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: china, history, time travel, romance

Word Count: 53233

Sample text:

The wind howled and waves crashed over the side of the ship, but Jiayi’s footing was solid in her boots with thick tread. They had been awkward to move in at first—nothing like the precarious pot-bottom shoes she usually wore—but as the ship rocked back and forth, she was soon grateful for the heavy soles that seemed to anchor her to the deck.

Jiayi looked down at the saber in her hand, the one she was holding in real life as well, and admired the etchings in the steel of the blade. It was a gorgeous weapon, and she loved what happened when she gripped it.

She became Ching Shih, the pirate queen. She ruled from the South China Sea through the Sea of Japan and had a fleet of five hundred ships. Hundreds of thousands of men bent the knee to her and obeyed her every command.

But she could not revel in her power now. Her ship was launching an attack, and she had to do what the empress had sent her to do—find the map that led to Ching Shih’s massive treasure hoard.

Jiayi climbed up on the deck railing, her saber in one hand, a rope in the other. Despite the driving rain, the time for battle had come. She signaled to her helmsman, and he nodded as he spun the wheel, guiding her ship, the Hongqi, Red Flag, to pull alongside the Mogui, the Devil.

“Get ready, men,” Jiayi yelled. “Lanshe did not just betray me, but all of us. Today, we get our revenge!”

The men—and women; Ching Shih accepted any person willing to fight for her—raised their voices and their swords, chanting her name and raining down curses on Lanshe, Blue Snake, Ching Shih’s former first mate and lover. She had trusted him—too much. And now, she was going to rectify that mistake.

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