The Dragon Geisha by India Millar

A new world full of beautiful possibilities, but old scars run deep.

The dragon geisha

A new world full of beautiful possibilities, but old scars run deep. 

Midori No Me, the Geisha with the Green Eyes, has finally escaped the Floating World and is living her dream performing in a kabuki troop as it travels the United States. 

But she cannot outrun the ghosts of the past. Jealousy and deceit threaten the new life she is trying to build. And when she learns of the cruelty her old master, the yakuza Akira, is inflicting on her friends back in Edo, she cannot ignore their plight. She must somehow find the courage to venture back to the Floating World to help others escape from the prison that was once hers.
The Geisha with the Green Eyes must become The Dragon Geisha. 

The Dragon Geisha is the third book in the Secrets From The Hidden House series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. 

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: historical, fiction, romance, japan, steamy, adult

Word Count: 100,00

Sales info:

strong sales. #1 new release. 200 copies per month and increasing.

Sample text:

The smaller vessels scudded before our larger ship like flustered children, disturbed in their games by the arrival of an unexpected but much-loved elderly relative. I sucked in a breath, sure for a moment that a particularly tiny ship had been taken down by our bows; but no, there it was, popping out on the far side, unharmed. Even though I could see the harbor in front of us, growing larger by the minute, I knew from a past journey that it would be hours before we actually docked in San Francisco, so I took the chance to go back to my cabin and changed from my kimono and obi into Western dress: a long skirt and a blouse topped by a jacket. I pulled the combs out of my hair and rearranged my curls so that they could be topped by a hat and a veil. I scrubbed my traditional makeup off and replaced it with no more than a dab of face powder. I checked myself in the mirror and frowned at my reflection, wondering—not for the first time, and no doubt not for the last—which woman was the real me?

Back on deck, I smiled at my dinner companion from the journey. He was leaning on the rail, watching San Francisco speed toward us. He raised his hat to me uncertainly, and it was clear he had no idea who I was. I watched the expression in his eyes change from puzzlement to greed in a second, and my smile froze on my lips. He had been an avuncular companion on the long sea journey across the Pacific, regaling me with stories of his travels the length and breadth of America, telling me constantly how glad he was to be back, and how I would soon come to love his country as much as he did. Politeness forbade me to explain that I had lived in America for the last two years, and no longer regarded it with any terror at all. Instead, I nodded and smiled and allowed him to pick out the choicest dishes at dinner for me.

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Already translated. Translated by Lais Aguiar
Already translated. Translated by Maria de la O Merino Aguilera

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