Lamees Alhassar (author)

Lamees Alhassar is a prolific, inspirational writer, artist & a humanitarian.

Lamees alhassar

Lamees Alhassar is a prolific writer, artist and humanitarian who has authored a number of books that touch upon the immense potential for all human beings to become tremendous catalysts of change and positivity.

Her writings include different genres - fiction, non-fiction kids’ books etc. The entire range of her books is published and available globally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Lamees was inspired to write about cancer awareness after the passing of her brother, Ali, who lost his valiant fight against cancer in October 2014. She wrote a book that is distributed for free to cancer patients and their families throughout the Middle East.

She fervently hopes that she will be able to make a positive contribution to the society she lives in—and beyond—through her writing and considerable charity work. She has committed herself to this, body and soul, and dedicates a substantial amount of her time, resources, and wealth to this noble mission.

Lamees has great belief in the strength that comes from reading, knowledge, and the power of the written word. She believes in the ability of the individual to make a substantial difference in the world. This is why she writes books that touch upon cancer awareness and the empowerment of people to lead a better life (on a personal, career and societal level), ultimately benefiting the whole world.

Some of her notable books include ‘The Power of Gratitude’, ‘Planet Robani 1’, ‘The End of the World’, ‘A Space Adventure to the Green Sun’ and an array of coloring books for adults and children.

Be inspired by some of her work and make sure to include her books in your library collection! 

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