E.J. Unplugged: How a 9-Year- Old Successfully Overcomes an Electronics Addiction in 21 Days by Lamees Alhassar

This book will inspire you, whether you are a child or an adult or a parent.

E.j. unplugged: how a 9-year- old successfully overcomes an electronics addiction in 21 days

At night I spent time with my cousins; I played football with them. I didn’t watch any videos because I know now that it is more fun to play football or tennis or hide and seek.

My mother got me a gift I’ve wanted for a while, a book about space. She also got me a smart phone. To me it was the perfect definition of the word irony, rewarding my achievement of completing 21 days of no electronics with an electronic device.

E.J. is a student in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is known for his interest in math and science, as well as space adventure.

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Keywords: child addiction , computer addiction, addiction, electronics addiction

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Sample text:

E.J., my 9-year-old nephew, is a brainy child who manages to spend most of his time on electronic activities; watching YouTube, playing video games, and watching TV. What a waste!

When I look around I see that many kids are doing the same thing. Is it the new generation lifestyle? Or is it a harmful addiction?

Despite the fact that he benefits a lot from these activities, the negatives send an alarm that these activities and the time spent on them must be well managed and controlled.

The number of documentaries he watched and the information he gained are tremendous, no doubt about that. But when a normal child’s activities like playing outdoors and spending time with friends start to diminish, it is a signal that something isn’t right. And when he starts having lunch alone in his room watching TV instead of joining his family, when he doesn’t want to do his homework to the extent that it becomes a daily struggle, and when he stays up past his bedtime to watch videos, then he must have arrived in the red zone and something must be done to change this habit. 

His parents kept trying; they talked to him repeatedly, using different approaches and different reasoning. That only worked for a few days. They are patient; they deal with their son like an adult and refuse to use common child-punishment ways. In their logic, they want their child to know how to manage his time, to know what is good and bad for him. In addition, they have fallen into a dilemma; if he is learning so much from electronic activities, is it really that bad for him?

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