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Celeste hall

Celeste Hall is a passionate writer of paranormal and erotic romance, including Beware of Wolves, the Kitty Coven series, and her ultra-sexy Seduction series. If you're looking for a sizzling escape from the pressures of a long day, her alpha hero incubi will make you smile.
Celeste believes that a great book can do more than offer an afternoon's pleasure, it can change your life. She is absolutely addicted to happy endings. Her favorite stories will often include elements of the paranormal or fantastical, but they will always have a romantic heart. 
When not writing, Celeste enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, especially with her husband and three daughters. She also enjoys photography, graphic design, a variety of artistic mediums, gardening, horseback riding and geeking out online - especially on Facebook.
You can find a full list of her books by visiting: CelesteHall.com

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Matt has sworn off women, but a feisty redhead will change his mind.
Syrena is a succubus who was raised by humans from a very early age.
The last thing Heidi wants is to settle down and be a boring housewife.
When Ethan finds Madison, he knows he should just fly away and leave her to live a normal, human life. But the incubi are hive creatures, he struggles living alone, and allows himself to believe he might find love and happiness in the arms of this shy you
Caristaphel Anne is the only child of a barbaric king, kidnapped and sentenced to death for her father's sins against the people.
Felicity is a story of forbidden love between a ranger and the noblewoman he has sworn to protect.
When a vampire falls in love with a human, there is more at risk than a broken heart.
When a savage attack destroys all but two of the queen’s defending males, Kye finds himself slowly starving to death. After an unexpected ambush leaves him dying he turns to the human woman that saved him for more than just a temporary sanctuary, and it w
Lady Silence is the haunting, erotic story of a ruined mansion claiming a very dark and sordid history.
Rachel loves animals, but this is no ordinary tomcat.
After the betrayal and slaughter of his family, Rico chose the life of a rogue, every moment fueled by pain and rage.
Using a token offering from a handsome new stranger in town, a coven of young witches cast a magic spell to make their home a beacon to others of his kind.
A wannabe witch, with a fear of cats, faces her biggest challenge.
Layla's gift is also her curse. It has made her a target for the very creature Mikhail and Nikolai have been hunting.
Nicole is an orphaned witch who has spent most of her life homeless.
Jana is on a quest to cure herself of an infectious zombie bite.