The Brothers Sin: Seduction Series, book 6 by Celeste Hall

Layla's gift is also her curse. It has made her a target for the very creature Mikhail and Nikolai have been hunting.

The brothers sin: seduction series, book 6

  Mikhail and Nikolai have managed to remain unbound, despite now sharing a territory with two succubus queens and their mated army of incubi.
  The twins keep their distance from the coveys, searching out and destroying any bloodthirsty strays which escaped from the secret government facility along with Syrena and her males.
  There has been no sign of the darkest threat to mankind, which they believe is still lurking somewhere beneath Tornridge. Yet they are ever vigilant and watchful, fearing the war they know is coming.
  When their search leads them to a convent nestled within the foothills, just outside the city limits, they were looking for a coldblooded killer. What they found, was a woman capable of seeing more than any human ever should.
  Layla's gift is also her curse. It has made her a target for the very creature Mikhail and Nikolai have been hunting.
  As they fight to protect her from a fate worse than death, the twins will find themselves bound again. This time, to a lover condemned for her heritage.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 43,686

Sales info:

This is the sixth book in my Seduction Series, but it consistently carries an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of at least #2110 in the ENTIRE Paid Kindle Store for romantic erotica. The first book ranks in the top #50!

Sample text:

Although Layla would never have admitted it, even to herself, she'd hoped that devoting her life to God would end her visions of these winged creatures. 
Surely, if she gave up her life of sin, then the Prince of Hell would lose all power over her. He would be forced to send his demonic emissaries after someone else. She would be free from the rush of pleasure and desire she’d felt each and every time she’d caught a glimpse of them soaring in the moonlit skies above or crouched upon a distant rooftop, just a faint outline against the stars.
Obviously, she’d been mistaken. 
Her heart abruptly leapt into her throat, as one of the creatures raised a hand and pointed. The other turned his head slightly to look just over Layla's left shoulder. 
Whirling around, she expected to see a third demon plummeting out of the sky towards her. But there was nothing, only the empty gardens and... 
Her gaze abruptly snapped back towards the slightly opened door of a garden shed. A flicker of motion had her squinting to pierce the darkness within, then recoiling as she found herself staring into the face of a stranger.
He was cloaked entirely in shadows. She would not have seen him at all, if not for the inhuman brightness of his eyes. The closest she could compare that faint glow to, was the reflection of an animal's retinas at night.
The creature must have realized his hiding place was discovered and curled his lips back in a snarl. 
Layla caught just a glimpse of white fangs, glistening in stark contrast to the inky interior of the shed. Then the horror of buried memories rushed up to choke her. Those icy talons of fear clawing at her throat, denying her the scream which had welled up inside her chest and now burned to be released. 


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