Love Is A Witch: The Kitty Coven Series, Book 2 by Celeste Hall

Rachel loves animals, but this is no ordinary tomcat.

Love is a witch: the kitty coven series, book 2

Werecats and Witchcraft, A Pagan Romance.
Rachel grew up on a small farm on the edge of Aspire. She has always loved animals, but doesn't feel like there is a place for pets in her new apartment. Besides, she's too busy trying to keep her brother Matt from making one of the biggest mistakes of his life. 
Her life suddenly becomes very complicated when an ultra sexy billionaire inserts himself into her world in the worst way possible; by attempting to purchase and destroy her childhood home. At the same time, she finds herself playing host to a sleek tomcat with attitude. 
Although she's a new student of witchcraft, she's a longtime believer in magic. But she wasn't prepared to discover that the sexy beast of a man she abhors might actually be a werecat shifter. 
This is the second book in a pagan romance series involving werecat shifters and witches. There are some suggestive situations and shapeshifter nudity, but these stories are safe for most mature teens and young adult readers.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 22020

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank: as of 5/10/2016

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Sample text:

“Damn it!” She snarled at the heavens, watching her breath freeze into a silvery mist in front of her face. Her only choice was to march back into the bar and try her best not to commit homicide.

“Are you alright?” A deep voice asked from the shadows nearby and Rachel jumped in surprise, adrenaline spiking through her system.

A tall figure stepped into the light, but it did nothing to soothe her rattled nerves. Instead, she felt her heartbeat speed up and her breath catch. He was easily the sexiest man she’d ever seen.

Tall and elegant, with thick brown hair that was just long enough to curl at the nape of his neck. He had stunning blue eyes that seemed to catch the faint light from the bar sign above her, piercing the night despite its lack of moon or stars.

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Wonderful work, done quickly and well. Thank you!

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