Gavin: Seduction Series, book 4 by Celeste Hall

When a vampire falls in love with a human, there is more at risk than a broken heart.

Gavin: seduction series, book 4

     Gavin Powell was a mortal once, but that was a long time ago. Now he's the Lieutenant Commander in a supernatural militia created for one purpose; to terminate a creature so brutal and so bloodthirsty, it is threatening to destroy all of mankind.
     The ancient feud between vampire and incubus must be forgotten, if either species is to survive. They must put aside their hatred for each other and learn to fight together. But that is easier said than done, especially when Gavin craves one of the human women that the incubi protect within their nest. 
     Gavin knows that two of the incubi have claims upon Sarah, but he cannot crush the need or the hunger that fills his soul each time that she is near.
     Sarah still has nightmares of being attacked and nearly killed by a vampire. She fears them almost as much as she fears the creature that now hunts them. Yet her breath catches and her body hums whenever Gavin approaches. 
     As the world around her is descending into chaos, Sarah finds herself fighting against a lethal desire. It consumes all reason, and lures her into the powerful arms of a demon capable of destroying her.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 41,184

Sales info:

This is book four in my Seduction Series. The first book consistently ranks in the top 50 of ALL paranormal demon romance on Amazon. This book ranges between #300 and #500 of ALL paid paranormal erotica on Amazon.

Sample text:

A warm feathery sensation against the back of her neck had Sarah turning to find that Gavin was now directly behind her. 
She startled at the proximity, stumbling as she made a desperate attempt to put some distance back between them. 
He caught her before she could fall, holding her securely braced against the rock solid support of his body, the unexpected and shocking heat of his hands against her skin immediately halting all thought of escape. 
Sarah looked up at him with the wide eyed stare of Bambi caught in the headlights, every nerve in her body singed by his touch. 
Her gaze locked with his.
A thick fringe of dark lashes framed eyes that were a brilliant green with small flecks of gold. And those impossibly green eyes were now studying her with a dangerous level of intensity.
Sarah tried to tell herself that it was fear which made her heart try to pound its way out of her chest and had her breath trapped in her lungs. 
She was firmly ensnared within the arms of the most dangerous creature she knew. And that was very likely blood lust making his eyes spark like green fire. But there was an excited swirl of sensations forming low in her belly, warning that if she didn’t soon escape, she would stop wanting to.


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