All The Queen's Men: Seduction Series, book 5 by Celeste Hall

Syrena is a succubus who was raised by humans from a very early age.

All the queen's men: seduction series, book 5

     Syrena is a young succubus who was raised by humans from a very early age. She has no memory of her birth parents. She doesn't know what she is, and she lacks much of the education a succubus would gain from her mother. Her ignorance leads her into danger, when an alluring scent draws her to a military facility... and into a trap. 
     Max is one of only a handful of soldier with the top secret clearance to guard Syrena's cell, but finds the succubus fascinating and cannot understand why she is being treated like a national threat. He finds himself drawn into her cell, and into her arms, sealing both of their fates.
     He is determined to free his lover, and the other supernatural creatures being held within those endless cement corridors. He even recruits two trustworthy friends to help him. But not all of the prisoners are as friendly as Syrena and the incubi. They're about to find themselves caught up in a bloody battle between humans and demons. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 41,224

Sales info:

This is the fifth book in my Seduction Series, but it consistently carries an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of at least #2,179 in the ENTIRE Paid Kindle Store for romantic erotica. The first book ranks in the top #50!


Sample text:

Bands of tension drew his brows together and made his breathing sound just that much louder in the tomb like silence of the laboratory, as Max looked back up at the monitors before him. The screens revealed every inch of the cold and sterile cement chamber he had been placed here to guard. The room where his prisoner now sat huddled in one corner. 
He’d long considered himself a born soldier, but this assignment was like nothing he’d ever imagined. Weren’t they supposed to be protecting the helpless and defending the innocent? 
Here he was, deep in the bowels of a secret facility with a machine gun and a kill button at his fingertips. Only he wasn’t the warden of some bloodthirsty war criminal or freedom hating terrorist. 
The prisoner inside that room was young, frightened, and naked…and female. 

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