Cheaper By The Coven: The Kitty Coven Series, Book 3 by Celeste Hall

The last thing Heidi wants is to settle down and be a boring housewife.

Cheaper by the coven: the kitty coven series, book 3

Werecats and Witchcraft, A Pagan Romance.
Heidi loves being free to date anyone she likes and do anything she wants. The last thing she wants is to settle down and be a boring housewife and mother. But she's finding it hard not to think about the mysterious and oh-so-sexy Jerome, even though he has three small children from a previous marriage.
After finding herself roped into babysitting for the sexy beast, she discovers there were much bigger reasons to avoid him than a trio of rambunctious boys. Suddenly her life is in danger, along with his children. Can witchcraft save them? Or will the unexpected results get them all killed?
This is the third book in a pagan romance series involving werecat shifters and witches. There are some suggestive situations and shapeshifter nudity, but these stories are safe for most mature teens and young adult readers. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: cat shifter, shifter romance, pagan romance

Word Count: 26488

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Sample text:

Terrific. This day just kept getting better and better. She couldn’t sleep because of nightmares, and now she wouldn’t get her workout either. At this rate, she would be a sleep deprived, emotional wreck by the end of the day.
“What sort of complex offers a fully equipped gym, but no daycare center?” A deep voice growled from somewhere just out of sight, and off to Heidi’s left. “This is ridiculous.”
Curious, she took a few steps further into the gym, guessing the source of that voice must be coming from one of the few adjacent rooms. A room that she’d never actually used before, due to her hectic schedule.
The occupied area was intended for a series of martial art classes, which were generally held in the late afternoon, while she was still at work. There was an ongoing advertisement for them at the front desk, but she’d never paid it much attention, so she wasn’t sure which combative style they taught or the ages they catered to. Although she was fairly certain they weren’t intended for children this young.
Then she saw him, and her train of thought crashed headlong into a sea of lust.

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Wonderful work! Thank you again!
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