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Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC
We publish books for the eclectic reader.

Tell-tale publishing group, llc

Since 2009, Tell-Tale Publishing has been bringing the best in fiction to an eclectic readership. Decades of experience inform the acquisition and editing decisions made by TT's leadership. With something for every discerning reader, TT prides itself on publishing the best in cutting edge fiction. Through its sister company, Wise-Words Publishing, TT provides fine literature and nonfiction titles that make readers think and help them learn. 

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Holly is attacked by vampires and in order to save her life she must be turned, but with each kiss her desire for her all too human sweetheart is tempered with thirst, so where can their relationship go from there?
All the money in the world won't bring you happiness if the strings attached are pulled so tight you can't breathe.
Two tortured souls find unexpected solice in the companionship of a fellow survivor.
In order to save the town’s children the people of Deacon's Landing will be forced to confront the truth, the legend and the terror of Dark Annie.
Cody can remember every moment of every life he has lived for the past two thousand years, and every life has involved a female, and every time he must find her though sometimes she has been a child, an old woman, a teen, of different races, cultures, con
Ten-year-old Sohrab Vessali and his parents escape the violence of Iran’s Islamic Revolution to live in America.
A how-to for writers from one of the industry's most successful veterans.
A how-to for writers from one of the industry's most successful veterans.
Two ancient, warring families struggle for power, one wishes to save humanity and one wants only to rule.
Like Clockwork is a Steampunk Romance centering around the stormy relationship of Irish heiress, Kathleen McBride, and disgraced Boston cop turned reluctant seaman, turned airship crafter, Scott Wildethorne.
Blaming God for the death of her father, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Bridges denounces her faith and vows never to utter His name again until she has dreams of evil creatures, and rendezvous with a gorgeous stranger she thinks her mind created to escape he
Young Cathleen O’Brien comes from a poor Irish immigrant family, but she was enriched from her earliest childhood by a father who gave her the perfect treasure: Magic.