Beyond the Third Garden by Iraj Sarfeh

Two tortured souls find unexpected solice in the companionship of a fellow survivor.

Beyond the third garden

Iran; November, 1950: Ten year-old Reza can’t remember what happened on that fateful night. Without warning, gruesome images of the event flash through his mind. Now living in a Tehran orphanage, he is obsessed with running away from the hell where bullies and physical punishment rule. In another part of the city, Paree Windom, a middle-aged Iranian woman, lives alone, separated from her English husband. She, too, is tormented by recurring images of a horrific incident that happened years before. Seeking relief from anguish, she falls prey to the allure of alcohol.

By chance, the two meet in a rain-drenched forest at the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. As their turbulent friendship develops, they embark on a journey to search for deliverance from the prison of tormented souls.

Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English


Word Count: 83,700

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Good sales and rankings, with excellent reviews.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Etienne Zambo and Louise Zambo
Already translated. Translated by J. Toni
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Great interaction and updates. Timely and professional!
Already translated. Translated by Keiry Anais Rodríguez Ibarra

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