Dark Annie by Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC

In order to save the town’s children the people of Deacon's Landing will be forced to confront the truth, the legend and the terror of Dark Annie.

Dark annie

It was a day unlike any other in the town of Deacon’s Landing, Connecticut.  It was the day Kenny Atkins cornered Matty Anderson in the locker room on what turned out to be the final day of classes at Deacon’s Landing Middle School. When the school is destroyed by fire, the teachers speak in hushed tones of “Dark Annie” Carlson, one of their own who vanished mysteriously shortly before the start of the school year.  
For nearly three decades the school remains dark and empty. Now the school is rebuilt and ready to accept students once again.  A series of seemingly random events arouses the suspicions of police officer Matthew Anderson.  Cryptic warnings from an unrelated accident and assault victims and the return of Anderson’s childhood nemesis bring the legend of Dark Annie back to the forefront.  Anderson confides in two old friends, Brian Murphy and Holly Wayne, and together they must face the secret horror buried beneath the idyllic façade of Deacon’s Landing.   In order to save the town’s children they will be forced to confront the truth, the legend and the terror of Dark Annie. 

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Language: English


Word Count: 86,000

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Award-winning horror and sci-fi author.

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Already translated. Translated by Magda Pala
Already translated. Translated by J. Toni
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By far our favorite translator!
Already translated. Translated by Yessica Márquez

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