Echoes Down a Dark Well by Tell-Tale Publishing Group, LLC

Cody can remember every moment of every life he has lived for the past two thousand years, and every life has involved a female, and every time he must find her though sometimes she has been a child, an old woman, a teen, of different races, cultures, con

Echoes down a dark well

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before?

Imagine then if you could  remember  every moment of every life you have lived for the past two thousand years!

That is the continuing fate and curse of a soldier of fortune named Cody. Not only is he cursed to recall each life, but he knows that each succeeding one will end the same – in violence, tragedy, and death.

He has only one slim ray of hope that keeps him clinging to sanity – The Girl.

She, like him, is on a never-ending cycle of rebirth. The only difference is that she has the power to heal his tortured soul and give him peace. But first he must find her. And that’s not easy because just like him in each incarnation she is born into a different family of a different race or culture, and the only way that Cody can recognize her is by her eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul and her ageless soul always shines through. 

So Cody continues his quest, but this time he has company – and a problem, in the form of a cute, sassy but tough and cynical little blond by the name of Clarisse. Unfortunately, she is not "the girl".  But somehow they wind up as traveling companions on the run from mob vengeance. As they crisscross the country from coast to coast, Cody finds himself in possession of a strange wooden box that kings, tyrants, and even churchmen have been willing to kill for down through the ages.

The good news is that the mysterious box might be his path to salvation. The bad news is that if it falls into the wrong hands the entire world could suffer an eternity of misery, terror, and death.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 86,000

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Highly published, award-winning, mystery, suspense and fantasy writer.

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