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Lance morcan & james morcan

Lance and James Morcan are a prolific writing team who have co-authored numerous novels and non-fiction books. Lance is a former journalist with experience in all media. Married, he resides in Papamoa, New Zealand. James is also an actor and has acting credits in film, television and stage. He resides in Sydney, Australia.

The Morcans'  novels include the top-rating historical adventure "Into the Americas" and the international thriller series "The Orphan Trilogy". Their non-fiction books include the bestselling "The Underground Knowledge Series". Book one in the series, "Genius Intelligence”, has been a regular visitor to bestseller lists. Major Saudi publisher Obeikan Publishing has purchased the Arabic translation rights for this book. Other books in the series include “Underground Bases”, “The Catcher in the Rye Enigma” and “Antigravity Propulsion”.

The popularity of their series was boosted when the Morcans established the fast-growing 'Underground Knowledge' discussion group on the literary site – the world's biggest online site for books, authors and readers.

The Morcans, who are also screenwriters, have adapted a number of their books for the big screen and television, and these are in development with their film production company Morcan Motion Pictures. They are very marketing savvy, and place high importance on the ongoing promotion of their books.

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