UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet by James Morcan, Lance Morcan

Ever wondered what lies beneath your feet?

Underground bases: subterranean military facilities and the cities beneath our feet

What do the world’s superpowers get up to in their secret underground bunkers?

UNDERGROUND BASES: Subterranean Military Facilities and the Cities Beneath Our Feet details confirmed and rumored underground facilities in the United States and around the world. Containing rare photographic evidence throughout as well as little-known quotes from key government figures, it makes a compelling case for there being an enormous hidden world under the Earth's surface.

The Morcans speculate that the covert underground infrastructure may be far bigger than anyone has previously supposed and is likely used for the development of suppressed technologies. Their sources include declassified files, university reports, WikiLeaks’ documents and interviews with ex-military personnel turned whistleblowers who claim to have worked in “cities below ground”.

Underground Bases delivers a vast array of facts and theories that ultimately allows readers to form their own conclusions. The exposé covers everything from: the US Department of Defense’s verified evacuation areas beneath the White House and the Pentagon as well as their acknowledged sites at Mount Weather and Cheyenne Mountain; underground facilities around the world including Russia’s sprawling Mezhgorye complex and Australia’s CIA-managed Pine Gap; the long-forgotten newspaper headlines which reported that Adolf Hitler and senior SS officers may have built a Nazi colony beneath Antarctica after WW2; rumors that human-alien joint ventures are occurring below ground and that kidnapped citizens are being detained in subterranean prisons for illegal medical experimentation such as cloning.

Why are the Global Elite spending trillions of dollars of their black budgets to build such vast networks of underground (and undersea and under-ice) sites? Are they simply preparing for emergencies as per official government explanations? Do they believe an Armageddon scenario is imminent? Are they secretly collaborating with extraterrestrials? Or, are they literally creating a breakaway civilization separate to the rest of humanity?

To attempt to address these and other questions, Underground Bases takes readers on a vicarious journey into miles-deep military bases and other subterranean facilities not known to the general public.

Genre: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Military Science

Secondary Genre: SCIENCE / Experiments & Projects

Language: English

Keywords: Underground Bases, Subterranean bases, Conspiracy theories, conspiracies

Word Count: 20,660

Sales info:

Underground Bases, book seven in The Underground Knowledge Series, is currently one of the most popular book in that series. It rates highly with reviewers in the competitive Media Studies and Unexplained Mysteries categories.

Here’s what some reviewers are saying about this book:

“Great info…As a military Nuclear Submarine Commander, the likelihood of the DUMBS is conveniently based on the evidence of Planet X.” -Dave Cecil

“The authors of this book give some great examples of whistle blowers, leaks and reports. There are quotes from top military personnel as well as people who have apparently worked in these underground cities.” -Harry Whitewolf

“Thought provoking, compelling...a must read.” -Sheri A. Wilkinson

“If truth really is stranger than fiction, then this book would be the poster child." -Customer

“For people who want to simply enjoy and familiarize themselves with the popular theories and theorists, it should be a delicious read. For those who are intently searching for utmost accuracy in answers and yearn to discern exactly what is and isn't credible among the many layers of complexity in inherent in such topics, I recommend looking carefully into the background of the sources cited to add perspective.” -Tantra Bensko

Sample text:

In our international thriller series, a shadowy agency’s secret headquarters are sited one mile below ground. This decision for the storyline was inspired by longstanding rumors of military bunkers and enormous underground facilities not known to the general public.

One book critic commented at the end of her review of our series as follows: “Quite thought-provoking books, too, when you ponder on what the world’s super powers are really up to in their underground bunkers!”

That comment got us thinking. What the hell are the powers-that-be doing below ground and why are they building such facilities?

We refer, of course, to secret underground facilities as opposed to official underground facilities whose purpose is obvious and whose existence is common knowledge or at least officially acknowledged in records accessible to the public.

 In the course of researching this particular book, we came across a number of convincing sources that appear to confirm the existence of at least some secret subterranean facilities.

Though you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to source this information, you do need patience and time – time to connect the dots. Due to our fascination with this subject, and interrelated classified subjects, we believe we have connected the necessary dots to open your eyes to another world. A world literally beneath our feet!

Our sources, incidentally, include declassified US Government files, university reports, WikiLeaks’ documents and eyewitness accounts from common citizens who have stumbled across such bases, as well as interviews with, and testimonials from, former military personnel who claim to have worked in underground bunkers.

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