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Katia jordan

I'm Katia Jordan, an author of short erotic stories. If you like erotica, and are comfortable with explicit scenes, I would love to hear from you.

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When I first saw my new co-worker, Sean, I was just as intrigued as the rest of my colleagues. When I found out that he was gay, I started on a plan. My fantasy has always been to see my 100% straight husband be taken and taken hard by another man while I
When a rock star demands another man, my husband steps up
My neighbor and my husband's gay first time
When my husband picks me up late, I know the most seductive punishment: having him sleep with my gay best friend
Watch what happens with my hot twin billionaire bosses
Hannah has been in love with a co-worker since he first called her, and now she gets to meet him for the first time
Things get a bit heated around the campfire when too many hot guys get together.
The Bad Luck Ranch is haunted by the ghost of a cowboy bent on seduction
Alone in a new city, downloading a new app will give scary and unexpected pleasure
A sexy first time under the full moon
When Nate starts lusting after his boss, sensual scenes ensue.
When working in close quarters becomes too much to bear...
Quarantine has never been this hot!
Wicked CEO Series Bundle
The competition continues, and Brie finds herself trying new things
Brie is desperate for a job, and Mr. Calderon is seeking a submissive assistant. Brie must compete with four others to make sure that she gets the job, and the guy.
Mr. Calderon finally decides on his perfect submissive.
Brie is competing to be a professional submissive, what does Mr. Calderon have in store for her?