Ikechukwu Joseph (author)

Ikechukwu Joseph
Pastor Ikechukwu Joseph, a notable song writer, poet and author of best-selling Unlocking

Ikechukwu joseph

Ikechukwu Joseph, a notable song writer, poet and author of best-selling Unlocking Closed Doors and Bible Faith Nuggets of his Internet Ministry, is the president of the Living Way Global Outreach Ministries and the director of the Living Way productions. He trained as a Science Educator, biologist, System Engineer, website developer. He is a graduate of University of Ibadan (M. Ed), University of Port Harcourt (B. SC) and a duly accredited ordained Minister with Evangelistic Messengers Association International, Tennessee, USA. Joseph is a man with interdisciplinary broad based knowledge and a much sort after public speaker, lecturer and trainer whose books, write-ups, publications are used by various schools, churches and organizations locally and abroad. Pastor Joseph has served God under different organizations like The Scripture Union, Four Square Gospel Church, NIFES, FCS, Grace of God Mission, and Believers Gospel Mission before God led him into the Harvest field.

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