Tears of the Golden Rising Sun by Ikechukwu Joseph

An Eyewitness Perspective in the Biafran Story

But Emily woke up in an abandoned farmhouse. She looked the sleepier and drowsier. She couldnt recognize herself. All she could hear was the croaking songs of bullfrogs and the corresponding lighter response of their female counterpart. Sandwich in-betwee

Tears of the golden rising sun

But Emily woke up in an abandoned farmhouse. She looked the sleepier and drowsier. She couldnt recognize herself. All she could hear was the croaking songs of bullfrogs and the corresponding lighter response of their female counterpart. Sandwich in-between was the horns of distant vehicles. Emily slept off again like a log. Sleep was so sweet now. The sedative didn't only induce sleep but came with calming and soothing effect. It was already sunrise with sun-worshippers and sunbirds doing their thing when poor Emily woke up. She was still tired and dazed. "Hello! hello! Anyone there?" She tried to get up but her hands and legs were tied to the chair. In terror she screamed but no one could hear her. Looking out the window she saw a red Sedan saloon car parked at what looked like the back of the farmyard. Emily struggled to free herself but was very feeble. The effect of the sedatives. She looked round and saw gun at one side of the room. It has been long she saw one since she escaped the war zone. Her strong will fought the panic in her voice.
"Baby are you awake?" A husk voice approached from behind and touched her neck, massaging.
Emily shuddered, remembering all the stories both from MM and the novels. The serial rapist, the kidnappers and ritualist. "But what did I do?" She looked up to the old man wearing grey hair and flaming eyes.
"Damsel, you did nothing. But you broke my rule number one which is don't be caught outside late-night. My name is Angelo Angelo (AA). You must be hungry?" The old man went out and came back with salad. "This is salad with Italian dressing. Here you have water, vinegar. You could replace that with lemon juice, then there's vegetable oil, chopped bell peppers, sugar and numerous herbs and spices. Baby you will like it. They'll calm your nerves."
Emily had already gone crazy but survival was the game now. She must play along. She remembered what happened to her music idol. How she was cut down by an obsessed fan. "Please let me go and I will not break your rules again..."
"Baby you have to eat to get strength to fight your enemies..." When Angelo opened one of the stacks of bags something that looked like human bone fell off. He kissed it and laughed hysterically muttering words like "your meat was very sweet, sweet lady, your husband must have missed you. Hope God give me another like you that breaks rule number one."
It then dawned on Emily that she'd fallen prey to a human cannibal. She prayed all the prayers but seemed not to have answers. She cried all the cries and begged to no avail.
Tears of the Golden Rising Sun (An Eyewitness Perspective in the Biafran Story) is the powerful story of the twins passion in a world at war. The story of the Biafra-Nigeria war. A gripping, masterful, thoroughly researched historical grounded novel of one of the struggles of survival of a people. Told with memories of the missing gun powders, body bags, graveyards and meticulous details. From before operation damisa (Leopard) of the first coup d'état to coup d'arret, to the exodus, to the massacre, to the genocide and to the operations. Operation hiroshima, operation aure (marriage), operation biafra babies, operation do or die, operation OAU, kinshasha special, tailwind, zaki (lion), tiger claw, Torch and even to Unicord: a codename to keep Nigeria one. The life's journey (ije uwa) of the twins, Emily and Ugo like in a survival game began with no resources but only their strong bloodline. A bloodline that never say no where they can say yes. Each must on their own locate or craft resources in order to survive the hurdles of life. Find out the truth in this book. Get a copy for your friends too

Genre: FICTION / Historical / World War II

Secondary Genre: FICTION / War & Military

Language: English

Keywords: war. biafra, war, genocide, massacre, nigerian civil war, civil war

Word Count: 42172

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"We have tried to live a Nigeria designed by Great Britain and handed to us. We have found it difficult to live in that Nigeria. We have fought a civil war, killed so many people and still have the same problems reoccurring. Perhaps a time has come to revisit the very foundations of Nigeria" - Chukwuemeka O.Ojukwu, Biafran Supreme commander (Extracts from video of @Nigeriainvideos)

"In sufferings some people collapse and succumb to pressures of life while others find strength to fight their way out. Just like the disciples, in sufferings and persecutions, we can draw strength and faith to win our battles, to fulfill our destiny and become what God want us to be. 'Tough times they say never last but tough people do.' The young shall grow. You too can travel." Those were the exact words of Emily Adaora Okafor when she came home after the long sojourn in the land of strangers whither she had gone. Or rather where the winds and circumstances of life had taken her.

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