Achievers Handbook 2 by Ikechukwu Joseph

Achievers Best Guide Series Book 2

Achievers Handbook 2 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book two

Achievers handbook 2

Achievers Handbook 2 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book two is a follow up to book one and contains over hundred Inspirational, motivational Keys and success nuggets that will help you fulfill your Destiny and harness your potentials. It is a wake up call for anyone who want to excel in life. This book will help you in problem solving strategies, to discover and harness your potentials. This handbook, business manual and success digests is a must and great read for those who want to fulfill their dreams. It is for business people, achievers, innovators, counselors, life coaches, leaders, workers, pastors etc.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Ethics

Secondary Genre: REFERENCE / Quotations

Language: English

Keywords: achievers, achievers handbook, self discovery, reference books, success digests, success nuggets, leaders business guide, achievers best guide series

Word Count: 3460

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Positioning and repositioning yourself for Strategic Achievements

Nugget No.1 - Anointing (God’s element in you) provokes the essentials of your potentials and destroys the negative yoke of your potentials.

- Anointing is the crowning and fortifying presence of God in your life and in what you do whether a business man or a preacher. It is the lubricant to oil your wheel, the facilitator, the enabler that encourages you when the chips are down and you are tired and want to quit. It is that still small voice you hear as God urging you to move on, you can do it, you can win and you can overcome. Always start with God if you want to get God’s outstanding results.

Nugget No.2 - Positioning and repositioning yourself for strategic achievements.

- Someone said that if you change your position God will change your situation. Adjustments are what makes the sweets and bitters of life go round. Appropriate additions and subtractions are inputs to life processes that create equitable balance. Zacchaeus was desperate to see Jesus but the crowd barred him as he was short in height. What did he do? He repositioned himself by climbing up the tree above everyone else - knowing what to do in times like this. Your position determines how far you can see and what freedom you have to access in life


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