Achievers Handbook 3 by Ikechukwu Joseph

Over 100 Inspirational Keys to fulfill your Destiny

Achievers Handbook 3 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book

Achievers handbook 3Achievers Handbook 3 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book three is a follow up to book one and two and contains over hundred Inspirational, motivational Keys and success nuggets that will help you fulfill your Destiny and harness your potentials. It is a wake up call for anyone who want to excel in life. This book will help you in problem solving strategies, to discover and harness your potentials. This handbook, business manual and success digests is a must and great read for those who want to fulfill their dreams. It is for business people, achievers, innovators, counselors, life coaches, leaders, workers, pastors etc.

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship

Language: English

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The Eagle Champions Nugget No.1 - In the human spirit are the tripartite functions of Intuition, communion and conscience. - Intuition in mans spirit involves sensing directly without interference or outside influence a knowing without the help of our emotions, mind, or will. --The conscience discerns right and wrong not by the influence of knowledge in the soul but by direct judgment - Man knows God intuitively and God reveals His will to mans intuition. Conscience judges and discerns according to intuition and communion in worship of God. We must learn to commune and also communicate to God with our spirit man and not our soul (emotions. mind or will) or flesh. Our soul is the seat of our emotions (i.e. likes, dislikes, affections, desires and senses), seat of our intellect or mind (reasoning, knowledge, wisdom) and seat of our volition or will (decision, choice etc. Ps 35:25). You must grow to subdue the soul and flesh, making them yield to the spirit in your worship of God. The mind only understands what we know in the spirit.

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