Achievers Handbook 1 by Ikechukwu Joseph

Over 100 Inspirational Keys to fulfill your Destiny (Achievers Best Guide Series)

Achievers Handbook 1 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book One contains over hundred expanded Inspirational Keys and success nuggets

Achievers handbook 1

Achievers Handbook 1 of Achievers Best Guide Series Book One contains over hundred expanded Inspirational Keys and success nuggets that will help you fulfill your Destiny. This book help you in self discovery - you first develop Concept given at birth, build your content (from education interactions) and then context(from environ), problem solving strategies, Your Faith or Fate? Empowering your voice (vocal or written) etc.
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Genre: EDUCATION / Professional Development

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: achievers, educational, self help

Word Count: 15157

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Chapter One

Self-Identity - Develop Concept, Content and Contextual milieu etc.

Nugget No.1- Self Discovery is instantaneous, then progressive.

- First step develop Concept (inside you - God given): Here is the inside view. Something thought up, formed in the womb, the origin, the original raw deposit and seed. It deals with only you. God created, formed, or customized you to a default. The self-concept or self-identity you make of this determines how you fare. Find out what God deposited in you at birth, at conception – the raw potentials, undeveloped. Self-discovery is learning about self – the process of learning about your true personality and motives (Encarta Dictionaries).It is finding out who you are really as God ordained you to be. Self-details, potentials, abilities and inabilities! What you can give out and what you can take in to affect the world around you. Knowing and understanding YOURSELF is a function or key factor to your success in life. Dissect your inner man, your makeup, your weaknesses and strengths, your abilities and inabilities, emotions and psychological strengths. What is inside you that make you unique and to the impinging environmental surroundings, understanding the intricacies and complexities, intrinsic and extrinsic values of your being? Then apply wisdom to defeat and play down your weaknesses and consolidate controls and uphold your strengths for profitable productivity.



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