Anna Katmore (author)

I'm a multi-published and self-published author with over half a million ebook sales worldwide.

Anna katmore

I write books primarily in English and translate them into German myself. In the past couple of years, I've signed publishing deals with German, French, Italian and Brazilian publishers. My books constantly score very high in contests. The last prize I won was the RONE Award, hosted by the InD'Tale Magazin in California.

Back list of books by series:

GROVER BEACH TEAM (Contemporary romance series, YA)
Play With Me (RONE Awards finalist 2013)
Ryan Hunter
T Is For…
Dating Trouble (RONE Awards finalist 2016)
The Trouble with Dating Sue           

FALL FOR ME! (Contemporary romance series, NA)
The Impossible Bet
Taming Chloe Summers (RONE Awards winner 2017)

ADVENTURES IN NEVERLAND (Fantasy romance series, YA)
Neverland (RONE Awards second place 2015)
Pan’s Revenge

GRIMM WAS A BASTARD (Fantasy romance series, YA)
No Prince for Riley
Jack’s Ever After

Fangs (Vampire romance)
Julian (Angel romance)

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Red Riding Hood decides to break out of her story and find herself a prince.
Red Riding Hood learns that love isn't bound to a crown.
After thinking he was straight for 23 years, Raffael finds out he's gay.
After 23 years, a young man finds out that he's interesed in men and not in women.
Never trust a twin!
An angel is sent to reunite a cancer-ridden woman with her difficult teenage daughter and falls in love with the girl on the way.
Dracula's great-grand-nephew is sent to romania to fend for his own and learn how to be a real vampire.
A London girl falls into Neverland and falls in love with Captain Hook.
James Hook leaves Neverland to fight for his one true love and faces an old enemy.
A girl starts playing soccer to get the boy she loves to notice her - but who she really gets is the team captain.
he kissed more girls in high school than he can remember, but the only one he ever wanted is in love with his best friend.
Samantha is new in town and gets hell from a boy, because she's the cousin of his ex-girlfriend. But love goes funny ways sometimes.
Forced to spend her summer vacation in a summer camp, college student Chloe Summers meets a ghost from her past. Justin Andrews, alpha to the wolves, and her first in so many things.
The rules of the bet say he mustn't speak with her at all - only steal three kisses.
I'll make hell freeze over if she wants, only to get a kiss from her.
After thinking he was straight for 23 years, Raffael finds out he's gay.